Caesars Palace (last visit: May 2010).

Newly open in April 2010, munchbar is run by Bryan Ogden, son of Caesars Palace chef Bradley Ogden. The two restaurants couldn't be more different. munchbar serves comfort food, but jazzed up a bit. It aims at the late night crowd, appealing to stoners everywhere: it opened on April 20 (4/20...420...), offers "Spicoli Late Night Specials," and its name says a lot.

Somebody also had a little fun with their web site during initial design. In early February 2010, prior to its opening, its web site contained the followed snippet of source code:
meta name="description" content="The Munch Bar brand is sexy, high energy, upscale, enticing, and preys on the hungry consumer's need for spontaneity and instant gratification."

[note: I see that the on-line menu has been changed; references to Spicoli have been removed. Someone at Caesars Palace must have figured it out.]

The Menu
Hamburgers, sandwiches, fries and stuff. Also, lots and lots of booze. There's even a take out window for drinks.

The Atmosphere
Very informal; somewhat like a diner, but open to the casino.

The Food
I tried a few things. Philly cheese steak sliders were pretty good. Three small cheese steak sandwiches had the right flavor and texture. From there, it was down hill. A hamburger in a hot dog bun contained a hamburger shaped like a hot dog. Cute, but the hamburger was dry and not especially flavorful. Chili cheese waffle fries had even less to recommend them.

It's better than most fast food restaurants, but worse than most sit down restaurants. I like the concept, and perhaps I chose poorly, so I may give it one more try.

The Bill
Most dishes are in the $7 to $15 dollar range.

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