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Laurie and Tamara Leonard
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 Laurie has been selling her watercolors at art shows in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Maryland and Kentucky since the late 1980's.  Because she has always been an avid collector of art deco antique jewelry from the 1920's and 1930's, it was only natural that she would eventually decide to try her hand at jewelry design.  She introduced her fine art jewelry in 2008 using miniature reproductions of her own artwork under a clear protective coating. 
Laurie is a self taught artist who likes to develop her own style and techniques by experimenting and 'playing'.  She sculpts the settings using an air dry clay that dries hard enough to withstand the casting process.  The images are all miniature reproductions of her watercolor paintings.  Sometimes the paintings are done first and the settings are created for them, and sometimes the settings are made first.
niche 2015(1) 
Thank you Niche Awards!!! 
WOW!!!  I'm so happy and SO grateful to my photographer,
Larry Sanders (
for making room in his schedule to take this photo for me!
treemultisettingnecklace copy 
 This is a HUGE honor!  Thank you Sunshine artist!
                                                                                 photo by Larry Sanders
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I am thrilled and honored to have my 'Winter Tree' Bracelet chosen to be:
bracelet small 
(photo by Larry Sanders)
   I'm honored to have my necklace:
(Photo by Larry Sanders)
Chosen to be in this book!!!
lark book
This entry in the stunningly photographed Showcase 500 series features the most gorgeous necklaces you've ever seen. Lovingly crafted by renowned jewelers from around the world, these one-of-a-kind pieces display technical excellence, diverse forming techniques, and unceasing beauty. Made of materials that range from traditional metals to nylon, fabric, and found objects, these necklaces will leave crafters, jewelers, design fans, and collectors awestruck.
Published by Lark books. 
Released in July 2013

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