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Egyptian Arabian Stallion

This is DB Ta Addub,(Johnny) an Egyptian Arabian Stallion that broke his leg in 3 places. Sent to me by Gizy. She wrote:

"I was browsing the net today and found your site on horses with broken legs; I thought you might be interested in a stallion we acquired this summer... in October 99 his left foreleg was broken in three places and never set or cared for. He is a true survivor, living proof that Egyptian Arabians are as tough as they come! 8-)"

"I also know of a Spanish Mustang stallion who lived through having his foreleg broken, and at least two Spanish Colonial mares who have broken a leg or shoulder...."

"Photograph show his 'bad' leg clearly.... he still has almost the full range of motion in the leg, just cannot completely straighten the pastern into a 'normal' position... his leg was, according to my vet, broken at the pastern and elbow, and his knee was dislocated or broken causing major cartilage damage around the growth plates. my vet can't tell if Johnny's leg was completely dislocated or onlypartially, but he is '90% sure' it was never treated which goes along with what i was told by his previous owner. But, even after all of that Johnny is still sweet as they come... He is a one of a kind. 8-)"

"I think what you're doing with your site is terrific!!!! More folks need to know that a horse breaking a leg is not a death sentence; I was the only person willing to take our Johnny when he needed a home because his breeder was 'moving' for the simple reason nobody wanted a 'cripple'.... I think his pictures eloquently tell a person that he is not a cripple in mind OR body." 8-)

"I wish more folks knew there were options other than putting them down when they are hurt; a broken leg should never be an automatic death sentence." Gizy

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