"The Loggy"
Maxwell, Nebraska

The Early Days
The 1800's

Our Loggy at Maxwell in c. 1897

The photograph was taken of the rear of the store, on the south side. The front of the store faced the tracks. At the time Main Street then ran along the railroad tracks. The building on the left was the storage building for the store.

After Fort McPherson was decommissioned the buildings were sold at auction
in the spring of 1881. After the auction the new owners had to move the buildings. Our Loggy had to get across the river so it was decided to disassemble the building. The square logs were numbered and the building was totally disassembled, then reassembled where it still stands today. Our 'Loggy' was moved into Maxwell. My Great Great Grandfather purchased it in 1897 to be
used as a general store.

The only other log building still standing from the fort that I know of is now located at the Lincoln County Historical Museum in North Platte. The buyer of this log building waited until winter to move the building. This building was not disassembled but was dragged across the frozen Platte River to what is now the Feeney Farm. The Feeney Farm was once part of Fort McPherson. On July 5, 1905, James T. Feeney purchased the farm, they lived on the island just north of the fort. It remained there for many years but finally was donated to the museum.

There was one other log cabin that I know of from the fort in Maxwell, but it burned to the ground quite a while back.


W. H. Merrick & Co.
General Merchandise

'Our first store building.

Crippled man is Willie Dolan
who built the house where
Dick Christianson now lives.

I believe the ladies are
Mrs. Dolan and Mrs. Madge Towers.
Latter is mother of Guy Grimm.

The store entrance was on the
north - our log building - now
stuccoed over.

Was written on the back of photo
and signed : Inez Story


Here is the new frame W. H. Merrick & Co. Store.
You can see the original log store to the right in the background.
This store is facing east as the 'new' replatted main street runs north and south.
L. E. Story is third from the left. Arthur Merrick is on the far right.

The New Main Street of Maxwell.
Note the plank sidewalk.


W. H. Merrick & Co. in the foreground.
The hotel is the farthest away.
Just north of the hotel was a Cabinet makers shop;
they made furniture and caskets.
In between was the Bank.

The store buildings are now connected.
Windows on the North side on both the Loggy
and the new frame store building.
2 windows on the top.

Logs still visible on the west side.

W. H. Merrick & Company had deliveries brought in by the train car load.

Inside the New W. H. Merrick & Co. Building

I sure do miss the sound of boots on that hardwood floor,
and the ching of the brass antique cash register.

Before the Story Hardware was built beside the store.




Inside W. H. Merrick & Co.


Inside the W.H.Merrick & Co. General Merchandise loggy.
Note the gas lanterns, before electricity came to town.



W. H. Merrick & Mary Susan (Grindle) Merrick?



Note that electricity has come to town.


More Family Log Buildings

My Great Grandmother's Log Cabin in Gunnison, Colorado

This is the first school house where my Great Aunt taught.

Maxwell Sod House

This is a Maxwell Sod house.
Much like the one that my Grandmother was born in 1899


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