The Maxwell School Photo Album
Maxwell, Nebraska

Maxwell Public School
Before this school there were other small schools, but this was the first big town school.
Notice the school buses.
This school burned in 1910 or 1911.
While the new school was being built they met in churches and other places around town.

The New Maxwell Public School Built in 1912

Note the fire escape tube and the young Cottonwood Trees..

Class Photographs

~ 1905 ~
Maxwell's First Graduating Class
Graduation of the 10th Grade.

Harry York
"He was one of five who graduated from
Maxwell High School's First graduation class ~ 1905 10th grade"
My Great Great Aunt Hazel Lewis was also in that first class.

Francis Kelliher
"Francis Kelliher who graduated in my class Maxwell Nebr"
Signed ~ "Hazel Lewis' Class of 1905"
Was written on the back of photo.

~ 1911 ~
Maxwell's 8th Grade Graduating Class

Lola Huntington's 8th grade graduation class 1911.
Lola Huntington on the far right.

~ 1915 ~
Lola Huntington

Maxwell High School Graduation
(By now Maxwell High School went a full 12 grades.)
"Lola's graduation Maxwell 1915
Gold dress made by her Mother and Aunt Allie"
Was written on the back of photo.

~ 1917 ~
From Maxwell's High School Graduating Class ~ 1917
There were 8 graduates in the class of 1917

William Story
Maxwell High School Graduation Picture
Class of 1917 ~ 12th grade.
Inez Huntington
Maxwell High School Graduation Picture
Class of 1917 ~ 12th grade.

Maxwell High School
Inez Huntington (Far right) Class of 1917
Bill Story (2nd row boys far right) Class of 1917
Martha Irena Kuhns (4th from left in back row) Class of 1918

~ 1934 ~
Maxwell's High School
Class of 1934

Mr. Eaton
Florence Stewart
(Teacher) Class Sponsor
Caroline Williamson


Lucille (Schoolcroft) Kaelber
Forest Grandstaff
Eulah Solomon


William Ziegler
Howard I Story




~ 1945 ~
Maxwell's High School
Class of 1945

Here is Tom Yost, when he played Tom Thumb in "Tom Thumbs Wedding," a Chautauqua Show.
Tom Yost's mother, Nellie Snyder Yost, was a local historian and writer of western books.
Nellie also was a graduate of the Maxwell High School I believe from the class of 1921.

Visit Nellie's Web Site:

Historical Western Writer
Nellie Snyder Yost

If anyone has photos of other Maxwell classes I would be glad to put them up.

Remember, the Maxwell High School Reunion!

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