Sioux Lookout

Sioux Lookout is the highest point in the county and you can see for miles. Cyrus Fox, veteran
of the Civil War, donated this statue to be placed upon the point. For many years this Indian stood
looking out over the valley.

In 1931 Fern Babbit Story rode the draft horse up to the top pulling the huge Indian statue to
stand looking out over the valley below. She had to maneuver 'Old Belle' up the steep narrow trail. Fern
was 17 years old but small for her age, so was the only one small enough not to put additional weight on
the horse yet could skillfully manage her at the top with limited space to maneuver such a huge heavy item.
Fern said, "I had a lot of pleasant times riding horses. That time was not one of them."

The statue was tractor pulled on a sled to the Babbit Farm at the foot of the north side of the Sioux Lookout hill.
It reclined on it's back in the yard for several days before it was taken up. They decided to take the statue up the
south side which is the rear side as it was not as steep. The tractor pulled the sled as far as possible. The next leg
of the trip the Babbit's team of draft horses pulled the statue using poles as rollers. Then her Dad said that there was
only room for Old Belle to lead. Fern said that it was scary for both her and Old Belle. It was a slow climb and
as frightening as the climb up was, the turnabout at the top was even more frightening. There are very few square
feet at the top, and there is a shear drop in all directions. Not only did Old Belle have to make the sharp turn
dragging a huge weight: she also had to sidestep the load she had just dragged up. Fern's high school classmate
and future husband, Don Story was there watching her make the ride.

After many years of abuse and a few repairs the Indian was 'temporarily removed for repairs'. It had been under
debate as to whether or not he should be returned. It is now doubtful that the mighty warrior will ever be returned
to it's lookout post of so many years. It is sad to have him gone. I understand there were many problems having
the trail open to the public. Between the vandalism, unusual events, and the wear and tear of the trail it is now only
a memory. My last trip up to the top was a family memorial trip, after the funeral of my Great Uncle Howard Story
we climbed to the top. It was a cold winter day and we had all driven through a terrible blizzard the day before to
pay our last respects to Uncle Howard. It had been a trip we had always made with Uncle Howard, we didn't
know that it was to be our last trip to the top.

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