Riding the Oregon Trail

Joshua and I picked up the Trail in Nebraska.
Joshua rode in the wagon and worked the break.
I rode Grey Lady, she was broke on the trail, she was a nice little horse.

See more about this trip on Joshua's Web Page.

The Chow in the photo fathered pups a couple of days later,
the mother was asleep in the wagon at the time of the picture.

We rode through a terrible lightning storm earlier in the day on this morning.
There seemed to be lightning flashing and crashing in every direction for as far as we could see across the plains.
We were soaked to the skin but the heat would have probably felt even worse if we had been dry.

Tom and Jerry with Mr Tucker.
The Oxen can travel surprisingly fast and set the pace for the horses.

Interesting Fact: In 1847, seven hundred cherry seedlings,
the ancestors of today's best-selling Bing cherry, traveled west to Oregon in an ox cart.

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