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The wind of Heaven
is that which blows
between a horse's ears.

-Arabian Proverb-

SB Connoiseur and Jamaal El Shai

-Bedouin Ledgend-

It was said the Creator
Had taken a handful of South Wind
And given each newborn Arabian
The power of flight without wings

Desert Bred Arabians

I am your equal.
I am a wild creature that can never be like you.
I have heart, courage, and the game spirit
that is my heritage, and I will be respected.
I will be taught and I will please,
and maybe in time I will be your intimate.
But I will never be your possession.
Mine is a fierce love which knows no mercy for failure,
no sympathy for weakness.
I have come from the desert
with its closeness to the spirit of nature
which you do not understand.
I was born of the wind,
mine is a warrior spirit.
I cannot be humiliated in punishment.
Or defeated even in death
For my spirit lives on in my children's children.

The Horse
Here is nobility without conceit,
Friendship without envy,
Beauty without vanity,
A willing servant, yet no slave....
-R. Duncan-

Tony with my Mom.

"Nature, when she made the Arab, made no mistake."
-Homer Davenport-

'Tony' my 32 Year Old Arabian.
He was 4 years old when I got him.

He dipped his head
and snorted at us.

We heard the miniature
thunder where he fled,

And we saw him....
Dim and gray,

Like a Shadow...

-Robert Frost-

John on SB Connoiseur

During the Crimean War (1851-1854)
One Arabian Horse raced 93 miles without harm,
But its rider died from exhaustion.

Ask me to show you poetry in motion
and I will show you the horse.

Dance above ground, never descending,
Grace incarnate. Passion on hooves.

The wind flew.
God told the wind to condense itself
and out of the flurry came the horse,
But with the spark of the spirit
the horse flew by the wind itself.
-Marguerite Henry's King of the Wind-

An Arabian will take care of its owner
as no other horse will,
For it has not only been raised to physical perfection,
But has been instilled with spirit of loyalty
unparalleled by that of any other breed.

This is 'Girl', my Arabian / Quarter Horse
Now 32 years old.
She was 5 months old when I got her.

"When I can't ride anymore,
I shall keep horses as long as I can
hobble along with a bucket and a wheelbarrow,
When I can't hobble,
I shall roll my wheelchair out to the fence
of the field where my horses graze,
and watch them."

-Monica Dickens-

SB Connoiseur, Shala Sihri Nafis (Fizz) &Jamaal El Shai

No hour of life is lost
that is spent in the saddle

-Sir Winston Churchill-

I will not change my horse with any that treads...
When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk.
He trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it.
He's of the color of the nutmeg
and of the heat of the ginger...
He is pure air and fire,...
His neigh is like the bidding of a monarch,
And his countenance enforces homage.

-William Shakespeare-

John on Jamaal El Shai

Blue and Jamaal El Shai

Joshua and Tony

No one can teach riding
so well as a horse.
-C. S. Lewis-

For a horse to trust you,
you must trust the horse.



John and Joshua with Fizz

Don't give your son money.
As far as you can afford it,
Give him horses.

-Sir Winston Churchill-

For one to fly, you need only to take the reins.
-Mellissa James-

Fizz meets Con

"About the head of a truly great horse
there is an air of freedom unconquerable.
The eyes seem to look on heights beyond our gaze.
It is the look of a spirit that can soar."

~John Taintor Foote~

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