Friesians and Andalusians

Andalusian / Thoroughbred Mare

Friesian Cross

His sire is said to be Daryl Hannah's Fresian stallion,
Jeremiah, who suffered a broken hip.

(Picture from the Friesian website)

The Friesian
The Friesian is one of Europe's oldest breeds,
and takes its name from Friesland, a northern province
in the Netherlands, where a heavy horse existed as far
back as 1000 BC.
The breed faced extinction just before World War I.
In fact the number of stallions was reduced to three.
The Friesian breed and heritage was and is considered a
national treasure of the Netherlands.
A committee was formed, and by careful breeding the
Friesian was kept alive, and today he is just as picturesque
and as useful as he was in the Middle Ages.
They are said to have been developed by monks in Friesland,
evolving through cross breeding warm bloods and draft horses.
Friesians are noble, strong, willing, athletic and have a good
temperament, making an excellent war horse, strong enough to
carry a knight in armor. Later they were used as flashy carriage
horses. Now they are gaining popularity as a dressage horse.

...Only ask, and he will weave a spell
to light the dark recesses of your being,
spinning around you a web of sweet delights.
He will be your children's playmate; a child himself, he'll do no harm.
He'll pardon like no other your omissions, errors, thoughtly handling.
His back, a throne of feathers, will bear you smoothly at the trot and gallop.
He'll go where others dare not. He'll discover that piroutte is easy,
that a rein back can go on forever,
that you need not be a great rider to perform airs above ground.
At the spur's light touch he'll take flight with the wind,
bearing you safely through the air laden with long forgotten fragrance.
With him, the nightingale more joyful, sweeter the gurgling of streams.
And at last you'll understand why he was e'er the chosen one of kings.

-Juan Llamas of the Spanish Horse (Andalusian)-

Carol and Crystal

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Midwest Regional Andalusian Open House

Dave and Matisse

Thank You, Carol and Dave for giving Joshua your beloved Fizz.
We hope he will be happy turned out in the pasture here at the 'Lazy J' in semi-retirement.

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