The Early 1900's at the Lewis Ranch
in Doylville, Colorado

The Lewis Family sold the Lewis Homestead in Maxwell, Nebraska
and moved to Doylville, Colorado. Later returning to Maxwell, Nebraska.

The Lewis Ranch

From left to right ~ Inez Laura Huntington, Emma (friend), Viva Lewis,
Hazel Lewis Johnson ,? , and Lola Rose Huntington Nelson

A closer look.

Out for a ride on the Ranch in Doylville, Colorado.

Viva Lewis and Lola Huntington

The 1911 Gang
May, 26, 1911. Postcard read to Viva from Frank.

The 1911 Gang

Con Lewis and Pine Lewis (cousins)

Jacob Lewis and one of his Teams

Lola Huntington's first teaching job.
A one room country school house up in the mountains of Doyle, Colorado.

My Family History From Maxwell, Nebraska.
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Maxwell, Nebraska
More of the Town ~ Early Years
Maxwell, Nebraska
More Recent Years
Maxwell School
The School and Early Class Photos

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