Lazy J
Miniature Horses



Blackjack, our Miniature Stallion

John with Blackjack. He is Crystal's sire.

You can tell a gelding,
You can ask a mare,
But you must discuss it with a stallion.


Gatta find my mares!

I know they're here somewhere!

Right from the first the foal from noble breed
Steps higher and more lightly treads the ground


Crystal's first day

A righteous man regardeth
the life of his beast;
But the tender mercies
of the wicked are cruel.
Proverbs 12:10

...And God took a handful
of Southerly Wind
Blew his breath over it
and created the Horse.
-Bedouin Legend-

Crystal, the first Miniature Horse
born here at the Lazy J

It was said the creator
had taken a handful of South Wind
And given each newborn Arabian
the power of flight without wings
-Bedouin Legend-

Crystal's first day out in the yard.

Small children are convinced that ponies
deserve to see the inside of the house.

~Maya Patel~

Oz's Terrific Tina's baby picture.

Joshua and his cousin with Tina, Crystal's dam.

The child who ran weeping to you with a cut finger is now brought home,
Smiling gamely, with a broken collar bone and incredible contusions~
"It wasn't Jezebels fault, Dad."

~Pam Brown~

Tina and Joshua

One of Val's miniature foals
at her 'Truly Bound Stable'.

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