My Land of Enchantment

"Touch it?"
"A mortal laid hand on a Unicorn!?"

From the movie Legend.

The Queen of Fantasy

I am the mistress of the woods
The reigning lady of the sea
I am the watcher of the day
For Safety they all come to me

Animals in need of care
Contentment or a bit of hope
They come to me with their concerns
I help them to see that they will cope

My land is filled with enchantment
When uninvited men appear
A misty fog hides me and mine
Until they're gone and all is clear

I am the queen of fantasy
In my white fur and silver horn
No mortal knows the majesty
Of I, the Silver Unicorn

"Amalthea Celebras"
K.C. Fahel
22 December 1994

Rearing Unicorn

Before a scene of blue mountains
And a darkening sky,
A wondrous sight, catches my eye.

I saw it clearly through the fog,
And the misty air.
And I must admit I had to stop and stare.

A mixture of both, White and gold.
It was so very new,
And yet so very old.

Front legs paw the air,
Muscles rippling. My anticipation
And excitement trippling.

I then looked upon the single,
Golden Horn,
Of a Beautiful Rearing Unicorn.


Pegasus was a snow-white wild, and as
swift, and as buoyant, in his flight through the air,
as any eagle that ever soared in the clouds.
-Nathaniel Hawthorne-

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