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OmegaChart ver. 6.0

OmegaChart 6.0 is a flowchart generator. This package converts source codes to their flowchart equivalence. The generated flowchart is viewable through Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Visio. The package support languages written in

·        Fortran 77, 90 and 95 fixed form

·        Fortran 90 and 95 free form

·        Visual Basic family of languages ( VBA, VB6, VB.Net & VBScript )

·        Matlab scripting language

·        NCL Macro Language

·        Tcl/Tk Scripting Language

·        C/C++ language

OmegaChart 6.0 is a useful tool for untangle behind-the-scenes programming logic in a messy spaghetti code and therefore generate visual documentation of the execution algorithm. While other analysis tools only provides you "assembly level" info such as calling trees or variables cross referencing, OmegaChart provide detailed "module level" logic such as loops, if-elseif-endif constructs and select-case constructs.

With OmegaChart, you can effortlessly minimize the use of GOTO's and therefore "modernize" your code. Whether you are a programmer, a program analyst or software maintaining personnel, OmegaChart is a "MUST HAVE" tool to ease your life. It can relief you hundreds or even thousands hours of headache.

OmegaMath is a specialized module of OmegaChart which is capable of performing statement-level analysis of source codes. For example, the quadratic formula, when coded into FORTRAN language, may looks like

X1= (-BETA +sqrt(BETA* BETA -4* ALPHA *GAMMA))/(2*ALPHA)
X2= (-BETA –sqrt(BETA* BETA -4* ALPHA *GAMMA))/(2*ALPHA)

These “one-dimensional” expressions can be converted, via OmegaMath, to their original “two-dimensional” mathematical expression


Expressions with the radical symbol, superscript and/or fractions provide a more vivid view of the mathematical contents behind the program code.



  • Fortran 77
    • LAPACK library
  • Fortran 90
    • SLATEC library
  • VB Family
    • ALGLIB library
  • C/C++
    • ALGLIB library


Sample User List

  • Industry Application:
    • Rockwell International
    • Waukesha Bearings
    • Bellsouth
    • U.S. Department of Energy
    • NASA
    • South Africa Air Force
    • Boeing
  • Academic Application:
    • University of Cincinnati
    • Utah State University
    • University of Colorado At Colorado Springs
    • University of Hong-Kong

OmegaChart User Group ( a Yahoo mailing List )
To join this group, send a blank email to

Video Demonstration







Microsoft Excel Output



Microsoft Internet Explorer Output



Microsoft Visio Output







OmegaChart 6.0 comes in four flavors, as described in the following table:



OmegaChart 6.0 Trial

OmegaChart 6.0 Lite

OmegaChart 6.0 Std

OmegaChart 6.0 Pro

Maximum Allowable File Size (per session)

450 lines

10000 lines

20000 lines

20000 lines

Maximum Allowable Module Size (per session)

150 lines

2000 lines

5000 lines

5000 lines

Allowable Number of Module (per session)


No Limit

No Limit

No Limit

OmegaMath Features





Visio Support





Registration Fee

(in U.S. Dollar)


Base Price : $50


Fortran :        $50

VB :                $30

Matlab :         $70

NCL:              $80

Tcl/Tk:           $40

C/C++:           $30

Base Price : $80


Fortran :        $55

VB :                $35

Matlab :         $75

NCL:              $85

Tcl/Tk:           $45

C/C++:           $35

Base Price : $100


Fortran :        $60

VB :                $40

Matlab :         $80

NCL:              $90

Tcl/Tk:           $50

C/C++:           $40


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Registration Procedures

  • Step 1: Request for registration

In the main dialogue box, there is a "Get UserData" button in the main form. Click on it and fillup the user information. A file 'UserData.dat' will be generated in the launch directory. Please email this 'UserData.dat' file to Also at this time you may make a payment to us via Paypal ( ) or wire transfer ( please contact us for detailed info). Once your payment is received, We will send a "RegKey.dat" file (via email) to you.

  • Step2: Registration

When received the 'RegKey.dat' file, simply download and save it in the launch directory of OmegaChart. Then you are ready to go!!! If you are able go through this registration process, congratulation on possessing the most powerful un-messing tool. No more headaches! Enjoy your great productivity!!!


Screen Dump

OmegaChart User Interface


Generated Flowchart


Generated Flowchart


Q1: My source code has a "INCLUDE" statement, What should I do ?

A1: Ther are two ways to deal with source code with INCLUDE ststment.

First, simply comment out the include statement. Later on you can do flowchart analysis on the included file separately. However, since OmegaChart can only handle a complete program module and not program segements, you have to provide a fake subroutine header "SUB FAKE ()" and a fake END statement.

The second way to handle include statement is to perform flowchart analysis on the PREPROCESSED version. Usually a FORTRAN compiling system consists one or more PREPROCESSOR. For example, I am using HP-UX system, the f77 and f90 compiling system come with C preprocessor and RATFOR preprocesser. The help page or man page on your FORTRAN compiling system can provide you with such information. ( see example )













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