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EDUCATION  Ph.D., Mathematics, The University of Michigan, 1977.  M.S., Mathematics, The University of Michigan, 1964.  B.S., Honors in Mathematics, The University of Michigan, 1962.
EMPLOYMENT  The University of Michigan Information Technology Division    Interim Associate Director of Computing Services, FY91.    Associate Research Scientist, 1990-1994. (Retired)    Manager, Scientific Computation Group, 1986-1994. (Retired)    Assistant Research Scientist, 1986-1990.  The University of Michigan Computing Center 1960-1986.
SELECTED PUBLICATIONSPortable Windowed Applications: Pollsters, Onlookers, and Others. OG Software, Inc., 1998. With F. Hagen, D. Hearshen, and W.R. Dunham. Quantitative Numerical Analysis of g-strain in the EPR of
  Distributed Systems; Its Importance for Multicenter Metalloproteins. J. Mag. Res. 61, 233-244 (1985). With W.R. Dunham, H.J. Grande, and F. Muller. Resolution of EPR Spectra using Fourier Transforms. In Flavins
  and Flavoproteins
, V. Massey and C.H. Williams, Jr. (Eds.), Elsevier/North Holland (1981). With W.R. Dunham, J.A. Fee, and H.J. Grande. Application of Fast Fourier Transforms to EPR Spectra of Free
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