Portable Windowed Applications

Leonard J Harding

1790 Sheridan Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

The monograph Portable Windowed Applications: Pollsters, Onlookers and Others describes a library based on the open-put-get-close model common to the C and Fortran standards that allows people who program to easily write multiwindowed, multithreaded applications with a GUI user interface rich in functionality. None of the five functions in the POO library takes more than three arguments, and only standard data types are used. This monograph describes the POO software, contains versions of the C source code for

so that POO applications can be easily ported among these systems, and a C source file containing a small collection of example applications. The monograph consists of five (5) files: a text file, a C source file for each of the supported systems, and a C source file containing the example applications.

Application Programming Interface User Interface
The POO library contains C and Fortran callable open, put, get, and close functions that are consistent with their analogues in these language standards and that use only standard data types. POO windows support scrolling, I/O direction, typeahead, input editing, cut-and-paste for input and files, generalized line re-entry, function key string assignments, user-specified window attributes, and file system browsing.

The POO software should be run multithreaded but can be run single threaded by properly defining compiler variables; the X version is based on POSIX threads. When the POO software is run multithreaded, the POO application may also be multithreaded.

The abridged version of this monograph provides you the ability to browse quickly through this work to determine whether it would be valuable to you. In addition, executables (Windows 95, 98, Me, or NT) for three of the example applications, namely, Pollster, Onlooker, and Random are provided so that you can evaluate the POO software from the user's perspective easily.

This monograph, including the software contained in it, is provided AS IS with no warranties of any kind, either express or implied. The purchaser of this monograph is authorized to distribute executables of his/her POO applications that contain object code of the POO software. All other rights are reserved to OG Software, Inc.

Portable Windowed Applications Filename KBytes
Plain Text poo.txt 235
Example Applications examples.c 102
X Window System (Linux/Unix) xpoo.c 362
Microsoft Windows (3.1, 95, 98*, Me*, and NT) winpoo.c 361
IBM OS/2 Warp os2poo.c 365

You can use the links above to open the files in an HTML window even though these files have NOT been enclosed in HTML wrappers. Depending on how you save these files, they may contain some extraneous material, e.g., HTML code at the beginning and end. Simply delete this material and rename the files appropriately. For your own convenience, you may also want to save a copy of the abridged edition.

*The capabilities of the various renditions of Microsoft's Windows systems vary so that some capabilities/features of the POO software vary depending on which of these systems is being used. WARNING: Executables for the POO applications obtained using a Windows 95 C compiler have been used in Windows 98, ME, and XP. The only apparent problem arising from this mismatch is that you must Pause the POO application before dragging its windows around the screen; the Pause is not necessary in Windows 95.