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The L-21 (N1334A) at Boulder Municipal Airport

This particular example is owned and operated by the CAP Cub Club, Inc., and is based at Tri-County Airport (48V) between Lafayette and Erie, Colorado. The above picture was taken at the Boulder Municipal Airport.

There are various specifications from different sources, presumably some were a standard specification and some were taken from individual aircraft. Or possibly specs have been quoted from varying models or vintages of the L-21. N1334A is an L-21A (PA-18-125), rebuilt by the CAP Cub Club, with the first flight after the rebuild being in August, 1993. Note that the military insignia seen on the aircraft is PAINTED, not decals. In late October, 1996, an O-320 (150hp) was substituted for the O-290 (125hp), with an STC to raise the maximum permissible gross weight from 1500 lbs. to 1750 lbs. This also doubled the normal rate of climb with two on board (at least from a 5100 ft. elevation field), as well as adding close to 10 mph to the cruise speed.

Cockpit of N1334A

She is a sweetheart to fly, as the Club paid very close attention to all of Piper's specifications, including rigging. At 2250 RPM at 6000 ft. on a typical (not standard) day, say 70 degrees F., she will indicate about 83 mph and GPS shows a typical ground speed around 104 mph under these conditions (yes, no wind). 34A is equipped with a single 720 channel communications radio, a transponder (mode C) and often has an Apollo 920 GPS velcro'ed to the panel. Also on the panel are the usual sensitive altimeter, airpseed, wet compass, turn and bank (no, not a turn coordinator), and engine instruments, plus the primer and starter switch. Windshield is Lexan. The two antennas on top of the cabin are both VHF. One is for the communications radio, while the other is for an amateur band (2M) radio and is sometimes used for a Civil Air Patrol radio, as many Club members are also in the CAP.

Author with N1334A

The overhead greenhouse (not visible above) is a very dark green plexiglas. Lighting inside is two red swivel lites, while externally she has the usual navigation lites (red, green and white), a strobe light on the top of the rudder (red in front, white in back) and, in the left wing, a landing light and a taxi light.

Specifications for N1334A
Manufacturer Piper
Model L-21A (PA-18-125)
Nickname Grasshopper (also called Super Cub)
Number Built 716
Length 22.5 ft.
Height 6.5 ft.
Wingspan 35.3 ft.
Empty Weight 1103 lbs
Max Gross Weight 1750 lbs
Fuel Capacity 36 U.S. gals.
Engine Lycoming O-320 (150 hp)
Ceiling Approx. 20,000 ft.

The PA-18 Super Cub (L-21) was a deriviative of the J-3 Cub (dating from the 1930's), more commonly known as the "Piper Cub." The J-3 was a 65 hp aircraft with no electrical system. In appearance, it was very similar to the Super Cub. The most noticable difference is that the J-3 had its cylinders sticking out of the cowling, whereas the Super Cub has them completely enclosed.

The author would welcome further information on the history of the L-21 series aircraft. I would LOVE to expand the infomation available on this page.

Broomfield Squadron, CAP
Broomfield Sqdn Shield

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