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Lex Frieden - University of Tulsa Magazine 0306

Lex Frieden - Person of the Year, New Mobility Magazine 0106

Lex Frieden is a busy man, Baylor Family News 0804

Lex Frieden - Uncommon Courage, Family Circle Magazine 0104

The Whole = the Sum of Its Parts, Alva Review-Courier 1203

Lex Frieden featured in Texas Medical Center News, 1198

Lex Frieden - Extra-Ordinary, Houston Chronicle 1098

Lex and Joyce Frieden: advocates for the disabled and true American heroes, Viewpoint from the Houston Chronicle 1098

Lex Frieden - This Man Has Moved Mountains, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 0594

Disabling Views on the Disasbled, Houston Post by Paul Harisim 0993

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President George H.W. Bush on Lex, at the River Center Gala, Houston, March 5, 2005 (video/wmv)

Video Biography of Lex, March 5, 2005 (video/wmv)

CNN Flipside interview, 2004 (video/wmv)

CSPAN Washington Journal interview clip, 2004 (video/wmv)

Lex Frieden hosts "Focus on Abilities." -- a series of televised interviews with disability leaders featuring Justin Dart, Jr, Judy Heumann and others -- This part of the series [eight episodes, 1999] was produced for the worldwide web by Baylor College of Medicine and webcast by the Research Channel (http://www.researchchannel.org).

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President George H.W. Bush on Lex, at the River Center Gala, Houston, March 5, 2005 (Transcript)

U.S. Disability Rights Leader Awarded Honorary Doctorate from Ireland, International News and Views, Disability World, Issue no. 24, June-August, 2004

CNNfn Show: The Flipside - 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time, January 13, 2004 (Transcript)

Perspectives on the Status of People with Disabilities Internationally, June 30, 2003

Lex Frieden Calls for Action on Disability Issues, (John Williams' Column) National Organization on Disability, March 7, 2003

CSPAN 2 Broadcast of Newsmakers Presentation at the National Press Club, March 5, 2003 (Transcript)

Interview with Lex Frieden, Newly Elected President of Rehabilitation International By Kathy Martinez, International News and Views, Disability World, Issue no. 4, August-September, 2000

Justin Dart, Jr. introduction of Lex Frieden, October 10, 1986

"Independent Living Models." In: Rehabilitation Literature, Special Article, July-August, 1980, Vol 41, No. 7-8, pp. 169-173. A-289. By Lex Frieden. Internet publication URL: www.independentliving.org/docs6/frieden1980.html.

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Focus on Abilities wins Television Industry recognition

Tulsa University establishes Lex Frieden Presidential Scholarship

Lex Frieden awarded Doctorate in law from National University of Ireland

Lex Frieden awarded $50,000 Betts Prize


Lex Frieden elected president of Rehabilitation International 0800

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