Notes on a STR Cluster of Haplogroup R1b which likely descends from the Eoghanachts of Southern Ireland
Peter J. Roberts
Created Jan 23, 2005, last updated Jan 26, 2005

Y chromosome results for descendants of the earliest Roberts family in the Bahamas indicate that their direct paternal line is from southern Ireland and they likely descend from the Eoganachts whose ancestor was Olioll Olum, 3rd century King of Munster. The results also indicate ties with some Scottish Clans. The following are some of the closest matches with the Roberts participants.

The names in parentheses (e.g. ROBERT2) refer to the participants in the relationship chart at See

A descendant of Henry Roberts (ROBER2) matches 21 out of 25 markers with another participant with the surname of McCarty and 20 out of 25 match with a McCarthy. McCarty is a spelling variation of McCarthy. McCarthy is one of the major Gaelic families in Munster, a provence in southern Ireland. See Their ancestral home is McCarthy MOR CASTLE situated on the eastern shore of Loch Lien. In early times this district was known as Eoghanacht Loch Lein. The families, who ruled there, were descended from a common ancestor, Eoghan or Owen. See The McCarthy name from the earliest times has been associated with south Munster or Desmond. The third century King of Munster, Oilioll Olum, had two sons Eoghan and Cormac Cas. At his death North Munster (Thomond) was inherited by the latter (whence the Dalcassians), and South Munster (Desmond) by Eoghan. The families that descended from this Eoghan were known, before the introduction of surnames, as the Eoghanacht, and the surnames MacCarthy (in Irish Mac Cárthaigh) is derived from Cárthach, lord of the Eoghanacht. See

The Henry Roberts descendant also matches 22 out of 25 markers with another participant with the surname of Hinds. This is a spelling variation of the surname Hynes. The Hynes family is belived to descend from Eoghan (Owen) Mór, father of King Olioll Olum of Munster. The Hynes sept was forced west from Tipperary to Cork before 1300, becoming prominent by this date and very powerful after 1400. See

The Henry Roberts descendant is also matches 22 out of 25 markers with another participant with the Owen surname. Relatively close matches with the McCarthy and Hines surnames suggest that both the Roberts and Owen families may be direct paternal line descendants of Eoghan.

A descendant of John Roberts (Rober1) is a 20/25 match with an Donahue (DONAHU). The O'Donahues descend from Cas, son of Corc, son of Lugaid, son of Oilill Flann Beag (ancestor of all the Eoghacbhe), son of Fiacha Muilleathan, son of Eoghan Mor son of Oilill Olum See

The John Roberts descendant is also a 21/25 match with a Meagher. The family of O'Meagher, (the Cinel Meachair) are descended from Fionnchada, son of Connla, son of Cian, second son of Oiliol Olum, King of Munster in the third century. See

The John Roberts descendant is also a 23/25 and 22/25 match with a cluster of Daltons (DALTO1 & DALTO2). Dalton surname is identified as having historic or numeric importance County Waterford in the province of Munster. See Dalton is known to be a spelling variation of Daton and this family was prominent in County Kilkenny in the province of Leinster which boarders County Waterford. See and The Dalton family is also associated with Rathconrath Barony in County Westmeath in the province of Leinster.

Henry Roberts is also a 20/25 match with a Butler.  During the 13th century various Anglo-Norman adventurers succeeded in establishing themselves in Ireland, either by assisting or suppressing native clans.  The Le Botiller, or Butler family, acquired power in West Munster.  It is probable that the ancestor of this (Butler) participant adopted the surname of his overlord.  See

The names in parentheses (e.g. ROBERT2) refer to the participants in the relationship chart at See

The marriage of Olioll Olum and Sabina produced three sons. They were: Cian - whose descent were known as Clan Cian, and consisted of the Kingdom of Ely O'Carroll and Oremonde. Cormac Cas - whose descent was known as the Dalcassians which possessed the kingdom of Thomond, alternately the Kingdom of Munster. Owen Mor II - whose descent
became known as the Eugenians (or Eoganachts) and possessed the Kingdom of Demond, alternately the Kingdom of Munster, The seat for the Kingdom of Munster was at Castle Caiseal (Cashel). Corc, King of Munster, who was the great grandson of Olioll Olum through Owen Mor II went to Scotland and married Mong-Fionn, daughter of Feredach
Fionn, called Fionn Cormac, king of the Picts (Scottish). His descent which remained in Scotland were to become the Stewards of Lennox, of
whom the Stewart Kings of Scotland and England descend. See The Earls of Lennox also
granted lands and were associated with Clan Buchanan.  See

The descendant of Henry Roberts (ROBER2) also matches 21 and 20 out of 25 markers with Stewart participants (STEWA1,2&3). He is also matches 23 and 20 out of 25 markers with a cluster of Buchanans (BUCHA1 and BUCHA2). The Henry Roberts descendant and a descendant of John Frederick Roberts (ROBER3) are also match 21 out of 25
markers with a Reid. Both Reid and Roberts are surnames associated with Clan Donnachaidh See Clan Donnachaidh were neighbors of Clan Stewart in Atholl and served in Clan Stewart's Atholl Brigade See

This Roberts cluster also has close matches with the MacDonald and Cowan surnames of Clan MacDonald. This relationship is unexplained.


---|-2. Joseph ROBERTS
---|sp: Martha2
---|---|-3. Joseph ROBERTS (b. 26 July 1785 Harbour Island, Eleuthera)
---|---|-3. Martha ROBERTS (22 Feb 1795 Harbour Island, Eleuthera)
---|---|-3. Sarah ROBERTS (Feb 1796 Harbour Island, Eleuthera)
---|---|-3. ROBERTS (b. Dec 1796 Harbour Island, Eleuthera)
---|---|-3. John ROBERTS (b. 26 Jan1798 Harbour Island, Eleuthera)
---|---|-3. James ROBERTS (b. 24 Aug 1798? Harbour Island, Eleuthera)
---|---|-3. Mary Elizabeth ROBERTS (b. 26 Feb 1801 Harbour Island, Eleuthera)
---|---|-3. Elizer ROBERTS (b. 28 Sep 1802 Harbour Island, Eleuthera)
---|---|-3. Catherine ROBERTS (b. 27 Nov 1802? Harbour Island, Eleuthera)
---|---|-3. Richard R.2 ROBERTS (b. 21 Oct 1804 Harbour Island,2 Eleuthera, d. 11 Nov 1878 Key West, FL)
---|---| sp Amelia CURRY (b. 13 Dec 1817 Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, m. 24 Apr 1834 Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, d. 26 Dec 1856 Key West, FL) daughter of Benjamin Curry and Mary Curry or Burns
---|---|---|-4. William Samuel ROBERTS (b. 11 Jun 1835 Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, d. 5 Jan 1838 Green Turtle Cay, Abaco)
---|---|---|-4. Victor Constant ROBERTS (b. 06 Dec 1837 Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, d. Jul 1838 Key West, FL)
---|---|---|-4. Mary Elizabeth ROBERTS (b. 1 Mar 1841 Key West, d. 25 Jun 1915, Key West)
---|---|---| sp Joseph Simon BARTLUM (b. 28 Jun 1838 Bahamas, d. 19 Sep 1903)
---|---|---|-4. William ROBERTS (b. 23 Apr 1842 Key West, FL, d. 14 Oct 1842 Key West, FL)
---|---|---|-4. Josephine ROBERTS (b. 6 Aug 1844 Key West, FL, d. 13 Apr 1931 Seffner, Hillsborough, FL)
---|---|---|-4. Emma ROBERTS (b. 22 Feb 1847 Key West, FL, d. 18 Jun 1927 Key West, FL)
---|---|---|-4. Rebecca ROBERTS (b. 22 Jan 1849 Key West, FL, d. 15 Sep 1850 Key West, FL)
---|---|---|-4. George ROBERTS (b. 22 Jan 1853 Key West, FL, d. 1 Jul 1853 Key West, FL)
---|---|---|-4. Livingston ROBERTS (b. 18 Aug 1854 Key West, FL, d. 12 Apr 1856 Key West, FL)
---|---|-3. Joseph G. ROBERTS (b. 1806 Bahamas)
---|---| sp Elizabeth THOMPSON (m. 4 Jul 1835 Harbour Island, Eleuthera)
---|---|-3. Richard "Capt Dick" ROBERTS (b. 13 Oct 1817 Nassau, d. 1878 Key West, FL)
---|---|sp: Amelia CURRY (b. 13 Dec 1817 Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, m. 24 Apr 1834 Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, d. 26 Dec 1856 Key West, FL)3
---|---|---|-4. Erasmus Sidney ROBERTS (b. 22 Nov 1850, Manatee, FL, d. 24 Dec 1925 South Bay, FL)
---|---|---|---|-5. Fabian Malone ROBERTS (b. 1899 West Coast FL,) 
---|---|---|---|---|-6. Robert E. ROBERTS (b. 1919?, d. 1996, San Luis Obispo, CA)
---|---|---|---|-5. Bavaria Kabira ROBERTS (b. West Coast FL) 
---|---|---|---|-5. Joy Almutz ROBERTS (b. West Coast FL) 
---|---|---|---|-5. Adrial Kremlin ROBERTS
---|---|---|---|-5. Khiron Euca ROBERTS (b. 1910, d. 1966 Hillsborough, FL)
---|---|---|-4. George Livingston ROBERTS (b. 9 Dec 1855, Manatee, FL, d. 16 Dec 1921 Miami, FL)
---|---|---|sp: Catherine Sophie FROW (b. 13 Nov 1863 Key West, FL, m. 26 Apr 1880 Key West, FL, d. 1 Sep 1957 Naranja, Dade Co, FL) Daughter of Simon Frow of Minorca Spain and Sarah Ann b. 1820 Nassau
---|---|---|---|---|-6. Gendaline Idell ROBERTS (b. 19 Aug 1881 Key West, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|-6. Hasen Vane ROBERTS (b. 1 Jan 1884 Coconut Grove, FL, d. 23 Aug 1966 Miami, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|sp: Jeremiah Theodore BARNETT (b. 1867 Georgia, m. Oct 1902 Coconut Grove, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|-6. George C. ROBERTS Sr.  (b. 18 Oct 1887 Key West, FL, d. Nov 1968 Miami, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|sp: Charlotte C. NICHOLLS  (b. 1887  Pennsylvania m. 8 May 1913 Miami, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|---|-7. Lester M. ROBERTS  (b. 1914 Coconut Grove, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|---|-7. George C. ROBERTS Jr.
---|---|---|---|---|-6. Simon Frow ROBERTS (b. 19 Aug 1890 Coconut Grove, FL, d. May 1968 Miami, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|sp: Leila BROWN (b. 1909 Miami, FL, m. 1925 Miami, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|---|-7. Clifford Malory ROBERTS
---|---|---|---|---|-6. Richard Lee ROBERTS (b. 10 Dec 1893 Coconut Grove, FL, d. Atlanta, GA)
---|---|---|---|---|sp: Mary Nancy CASTON (b. 1895 AL, m. 22 Nov 1914 Coconut Grove, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|---|-7. Allen ROBERTS no sons?
---|---|---|---|---|---|-7. Ormond2 C. ROBERTS (b. 1919 Coconut Grove, FL) no sons?
---|---|---|---|---|---|-7. Theresa ROBERTS (b. 1924 Miami)2
---|---|---|---|---|---|-7. Bertie ROBERTS (b. 1928 Miami)2
---|---|---|---|---|-6. Clifford ROBERTS (b. 1895)
---|---|---|---|---|-6. Francelia Barr ROBERTS (b. 11 Nov 1897 Coconut Grove, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|-6. Herman Leroy ROBERTS Sr. (b. 24 Dec 1901 Coconut Grove, FL, d. 11 Dec 1984 Tavernier, Dade Co, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|sp: Maude Carolyn THOMPSON (m. 23 mar 1922 Coconut Grove, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|---|-7. Rose ROBERTS (b. 19233)2
---|---|---|---|---|---|-7. Herman Leroy ROBERTS Jr. (b. 1924 Tavernier, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|---|-7. Mark Cameron ROBERTS (b. 1926 Tavernier, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|---|-7. Jennie M. ROBERTS (b. 1929)2
---|---|---|---|---|-6. Nellie Louise ROBERTS (b. 27 Nov 1904 Coconut Grove, FL)
---|---|---|---|---|sp: William Thomas THIGPEN2
---|---|---|---|---|-6. Mary Elizabeth ROBERTS (b. Jun 1908)
---|---|-3. Joseph ROBERTS (b. 14 Jul 1806 Harbour Island, Eleuthera)

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