Western Pennsylvania Family History Research

St. Luke's Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery
Pleasant Unity
Westmoreland County

Transcribed 10-12 August, 1999

---, Georgie2 Feb 1822aged 1 mo. & 20 days
Adams, John G.18201912Flag: GAR
Adams, Susan18181899"his wife"; same tombstone as John G. Adams
Anderson, Harry J.18941921
Bair, Adam22 Aug 1880aged 84 years & 26 days
Bair, Geo. A.17 Jan 1896aged 60 ys.
Bair, Sadie J. (Steele)6 Jul 1876"wife of T. A. Bair"
Baker, John18631948
Ballant, Cecilia18971918
Barndollar, Anna M.18841920"Mother"
Barndollar, Charles18751943"Father"
Barnhart, David15 Apr 183210 Dec 1909"Husband"; "1 Sergt. Co. B 15. Reg. Pa Vol. Cav."; Flag: GAR
Barnhart, Ida8 Feb 184710 May 1903"Wife"
Barnhart, Minnie G.18621941"Wife"
Baum, Alice Bertha18871948
Baum, Alice C.18621935
Baum, Ella E.19091983
Baum, George W.18821947
Baum, John H. Jr.19391940
Baum, John S.19021987
Baum, Simon W.18561935
Baxter, Margaret11 Feb 1841"Consort of Robert Baxter"; aged 78 years
Baxter, Robert31 Dec 1852"aged 73 yers 7 months 11 Da"
Bitz, Bertha M.16 May 191317 May 1985
Bitz, Charles B.7 Feb 190215 Mar 1986
Bitz, Charles P.3 Mar 193511 Jun 1990
Blacksmith, Paul Wilkins18561935
Braughler, Lucinda30 Jan 1901"wife of H. Braughler"; aged 68 Ys.
Brinker, Anna E.18711942"his wife"; same tombstone as Frank B. Tospon
Brinker, Carson B.18491933
Brinker, Ezra Addison18631882
Brinker, Frank18741919
Brinker, Georgiana18501929
Brinker, Joseph H.18411910"Co. E 11. Reg. Pa. Vol., Wounded in action at Fredericksburg, Va, Dec. 13, 1862"
Brinker, Margaret Baer18251908
Brinker, Mary J.2 Sep 1864"Wife of S. Brinker"; aged 36 Years & 3 Mos.
Brinker, Thomas Henry18181906Flag: GAR
Bronson, Dollie E.18961918
Bronson, Ethel I.1899
Bronson, Hannah S.19071908
Bronson, Sara C.18671931
Bronson, William L.18611918
Brown, Benny18821886
Brown, J. Logan, MD18441917
Brown, Mary E.18491918"his wife"
Brown, Nellie18841886
Bungard, Isaiah18631944
Bungard, Laura18711957
Burkey, Caroline18581933"Mother"
Burkey, Jacob L.18651965"Father"
Burkey, Myrtle18871894"Daughter"
Burns, Alexander11 Sep 1880aged 61 yrs 8 mos 22 ds
Burns, Emma M.10 Sep 1879aged 4 ys. 11 ms. 5 ds.
Burns, George L.1 Sep 1879aged 10 ys. 5 ms. 3 ds.
Burns, Mary25 Jan 1910"Wife of Alex. Burns"; aged 81 yrs 1 mo. 14 ds.
Byerly, AdamFlag: GAR 1861-1865
Byerly, DeborahSep."wife of Adam Byerly"
Byerly, Lizzie1869?aged 32 ys.
Byerly, Mary18411913"Wife of R. S. Elder"
Byers, Lottie L.18601891"wife of W. L. Byers"
Campbell, Bales M.21 Apr 18547 Jan 1937
Campbell, Harriet A.18491928
Campbell, Mathew12 Feb 1854aged 39 yrs 11 mos 22 days
Campbell, Rheubena C.19051964
Carnall, Henrietta19021957Selman Funeral Home marker
Carnall, Hilda F.
Carnall, Margaret
Casserly, Thomas P.24 Mar 192929 Mar 1929
Chambers, Alex Porter25 Sep 1861aged 15 years 6 mos. & 22 days
Chambers, Amanda Jane9 Feb 1839"Dau of Geo. & C. Chambers"; aged 4 y 1 m 21 d
Chambers, Anne Elisabeth26 Mar 18391 Jun 1846aged 7 yrs 2 mos & 5 dys
Chambers, Charlotte18081890
Chambers, Charlotte F.18761963
Chambers, Cyrus M.14 Dec 1862aged 22 y 8 m 15 d
Chambers, Daniel18441924
Chambers, Elizabeth C.18461918
Chambers, Ella F.18741944
Chambers, Frank L.18811914
Chambers, George18041890
Chambers, George W.18561880
Chambers, Harriet E.2 Apr 1847daughter of George & C. Chambers, aged 2 years & 19 days
Chambers, J. Clarence18681954
Chambers, J. Merle24 Jul 191123 Apr 1988
Chambers, James Steele18791961
Chambers, Jessie B.2 Dec 186923 Jan 1940
Chambers, Jessie Truxal18791961
Chambers, John2 Apr 1872aged 69 years 11 mos 16 days
Chambers, John S.18421912
Chambers, John Sr.8 Jan 1852aged 79 years, 4 months & 28 days
Chambers, Joseph H.18321912
Chambers, Lea6 May 1846"Consort of John Chambers Sr."; aged 72 years, 9 months & 20 days
Chambers, Margaret G.18421926
Chambers, Martha J.18471917
Chambers, Mary22 Oct 1890aged 82 years 6 mos 28 days
Chambers, Mary Ann3 Feb 1842"Dau of J. & M. Chmbers"; aged 4 y 1 m 24 d
Chambers, Mary Ann18401875
Chambers, May18 Mar 191126 Jun 1993
Chambers, Nettie K.18671893
Chambers, Orie C.18711947
Chambers, Preston18361906
Chambers, Rebecca E.18481913
Chambers, Sarah Ann18341866
Chambers, Susan B.18401923
Chambers, Thomas S.28 Jul 194519 Feb 1946
Chambers, Virginia A.18861918
Chambers, William L.18291910
Chorpenning, Wm. Wesley18581920Flag: GAR 1861-1865
Chrissinger, John29 Nov 18?9aged 69 years
Cope, Eleanor J.19201998
Cope, James L.19151960
Dick, Gladys P.19051925
Dillon, Alfred Marion5 Jan 19116 Aug 1911"Son of Florence & Alfred Dillon"
Dillon, Emma J.18641921"Mother"
Dillon, John C.18601927"Father"
Elder, Robert S.3 Jun 183225 Nov 1895
Emery, William Jr.19091910
Felgar, Elizabeth6 May 179225 Jan 1870
Fenton, Alonza18491941
Fenton, Alonza F.18791968
Fenton, Chaflain18851889Son
Fenton, Charlie E.18861910
Fenton, Elizabeth18831969
Fenton, Frank S.18921957
Fenton, George18861886Son
Fenton, Margaret19031904Daughter
Fenton, Mary E.8 June 191710 Oct 1972"Thy will be done"
Fenton, Mary E.18861975
Fenton, Mary K.18511946
Fenton, Robert C.18961973
Fiscus, Annie5 Dec 1865"Wife of John Fiscus"; aged 63 years 7 mos 11 days
Fiscus, Ida A.31 Dec 18686 Jan 1884
Fiscus, John8 Mar 1872aged 73 years & 8 months
Fiscus, John P.24 Jul 184111 Jul 1896
Fiscus, Joseph12 Aug 1837"Brother"; "Died in Barton Co. Missouri"; aged 23 yrs 5 mos 9 dys
Fiscus, Lewis E.18661945
Fiscus, Lyda E.18731964
Fiscus, Mary C.16 Sep 184219 Jul 1893
Fiscus, Silas C.15 May 18775 Jan 1884
Fisher, Anna P.18501930
Fisher, Caroline Campbell28 May 1885aged 66 yrs 4 mos 11 days
Fisher, Charles R.18911937"Priv. Base Hospital No. 58 U.S.A.
Fisher, Charlotte Jane28 Mar 1856"daughter of Margaret Furny"; aged 2 yer. 4 M. 16 d.
Fisher, Elizabeth M.18521932
Fisher, Henry18491934"Priv. Co. G 14 Reb. Pa. Cav.
Fisher, Hettie18781938"Daughter"
Fisher, John A.11 Sep 182020 Feb 1903
Fisher, John C.21 Feb 1874"Infant son of T. H. & L. M. Fisher"; aged 7 days
Fisher, John C.18741874
Fisher, Lena18831977
Fisher, Mabel A.18871920
Fisher, Martha L.29 Nov 1880"Dau of T. H. & L. M. Fisher"; aged 2 mos. 9 days
Fisher, Martha L.18801880
Fisher, Nettie J.8 Jan 18201 Feb 1907"his wife"
Fisher, Samuel18651941
Fisher, Thomas H.18481910
Foltz, Heister G.18661918Flag: Turtle Creek Fire Department
Foltz, Mary E.18391915
Foltz, Mary E.18711951
Foltz, William G.18361897
Forsythe, Clyde Jesse19261933
Forsythe, Gertrude Harr18911962
Forsythe, Jesse18921965
Forsythe, Vernon R.1917
Fortney, George21 Oct 182515 Jan 1913
Fortney, Jane8 Jan 1832"Wife of G. Fortney"; aged 64 yrs 8 mos & 15 ds
Fox, Anna L. 18801941
Fox, Harriet L.18441921
Fox, Henry C.18461911
Fox, Hettie M.18731873
Fox, Jacob C.18741951
Fox, John H.18721901
Friedline, Edward J.18981982
Frowen, Blanche18821978
Frowen, Chauncey19131964
Frowen, George E.19111983
Frowen, Gladys F.19191983
Frowen, James A.19041935
Frowen, Thomas A.18791933
Gallagher, Edward31 may 1857"son of John Gallagher"; aged 5 mos. & 12 ds
Gallagher, John26 Aug 1862
Gallagher, Mary B.23 Apr 1894"daughter of Wm. McK. & S. Gallagher"; aged 21 Ys. 1 Mo. 15 Ds.
Gallagher, Sarah22 Feb 1897"his wife"; same tombstone as Wm. McK. Gallagher
Gallagher, Wm. McK.20 Mar 1897"Q. M. Sergt. 109th Reg. Pa. Vol."; aged 64 ys. 4 ms. 12 ds.
Gardner, Clarence L.18931921"Wagoner Co. D 5th Eng. A.E.F. W.W. I"; Flag
Gardner, Sarah A.18831897
Gardner, Sarah S.18421914"his wife"; same tombstone as William C. Gardner
Gardner, Thomas M.25 Feb 186725 Apr 1903
Gardner, William C.18361912
Gardner, William McMaster18651905"Son"
Garland, Joseph W.8 Mar 185530 Apr 1935"Methodist Minister 50 Years"; "There is a link death cannot sever, love and remembrance last forever"
Garland, Lucy A.18481911"Mother"
Gaster, Agnes19061906
Gaster, Annie E.13 Jan 186730 May 1937
Gaster, George B.29 Sep 1866
Gaster, George W.3 Feb 1899"Son of G. B. & A. E. Gaster"; aged 5 yrs & 5 mos
Gaster, Nora R.19021905
Gettemy, Anna V.1920
Gettemy, Charles L.18811914
Gettemy, Lawrence A.17 Feb 195621 Nov 1956"Our Darling"
Gettemy, Lillian L.21 Oct 189527 May 1978
Gettemy, Mary18551924
Gettemy, Mary G.1921
Gettemy, Robert R.18 Jan 195415 Apr 1954"Our Darling"
Gettemy, Robert S.19311992"Father"
Gettemy, Robert S.6 Nov 18866 May 1957"Wagoner, Supply Co. 110 inf AEF WWI"; Flag
Gettemy, Samuel H.18491920
Gilchriest, Mary Emma8 Mar 1852aged 2 years 7 months;
"how sweetly sleaps our infant dead
within the cold grave brest
wheare sorows tears no more ar shed
no more the ills of life molest :
with our sweet babe how verry soon
the glittering dream of life ware past
and long before she reached its noon
hur sun of lif was overcast"
Graham, Alexander C.18351913"Father"
Graham, Alice Jane4 Jul 1874"Wife of D. M. Graham"; aged 24 years
Graham, Amanda E.18471920
Graham, Charles A.29 Dec 187524 Nov 1923
Graham, Elizabeth W.18491892"Mother"
Graham, J. Homer20 May 18718 Feb 1901
Graham, James P.18321904
Graham, John S.20 Jun 186716 Jan 1898
Graham, Mary Beth1 Oct 186?"Dau of Alex. C. & Elisabeth Graham
Graham, Nellie G.29 Sep 18839 Apr 1913
Graham, Sarah18101893
Hails, Andrew L.18921971
Hails, Mina K.18911980
Harr, Clara H.19101957
Harr, Lawrence C. Sr.18861961
Harr, Maude E.18891966
Harr, Rosanna18601927"Mother"
Harr, Wesley18601946"Father"
Hayes, Annie18441922"Wife of Ralph Hayes"
Hayes, Mary18621946
Hayes, Ralph18401920
Hegan, Edward18661906
Hegan, George18611937
Hegan, John J.25 Nov 1897aged 76 ys. 1 mo. 19 ds.
Hegan, John L. Jr.18541884
Hegan, Lydia Walter16 Dec 189"his wife"; aged 78 Ys.
Heide, George G.20 Feb 19034 Dec 1962
Heide, Nellie Mae4 Oct 190822 Apr 1990
Helfferich, Donna Lee19381972"Daughter"
Helm, John F.3 Jan 182730 Aug 1871
Helm, Mary M.1 May 183424 Nov 1893
Hoffer, Ellamae M.19241991
Hoffer, John A.19191989T/Sg. U.S. Army WWII; Flag
Holzer, James Patrick18901932
Holzer, James Simon19221967Flag: 1941-1945
Holzer, Marie A.19291929
Holzer, William R.19201921
Honse, Isabele18581936"Mother"
Honse, Jesse J.18501929"Father"
Honse, Jonas17981890
Honse, Sarah18181899"his wife"
Horne, Almira C.18561908
Horne, David Mitchell18531948
Horne, E. Claire18941964
Horne, John J.18851957
Hudson, Fred W.25 Nov 19153 Sep 1994
Hudson, Harry L.18741962
Hudson, Joseph W.
Hudson, Pearl M.18821957
Hull, Donald Russell16 Dec 194223 Dec 1942
Hull, Ronald R.19461987
Infant child19211921
Jamison, Amanda18301916
Jamison, Elisabeth12 Apr 1877aged 88 yrs & 8 dys
Jamison, Jane18351907
Jamison, Jane19 Sep 1881aged 86 yrs 9 mos & 11 dys
Jamison, Jos.12 Oct 180918 Jul 1883
Jamison, Lydia16 Feb 1821"Wife of James Jamison"; aged 26 years
Jamison, Robert26 Dec 1889"A soldier of the War of 1812"; aged 93 yrs 10 mos & 26 dys
Johnson, Catherine H.18581948
Johnson, William L.18511931
Johnston, Besse I.18861978"Daughter"
Johnston, C. Roberta18621946
Johnston, Dorothy H.18951976
Johnston, Elizabeth Trimmer18171907
Johnston, Emma K.18541941"Mother"
Johnston, Ephraim II18031886
Johnston, John S.18541939"Father"
Johnston, Laura Bell18651868
Johnston, Mary A.18501931
Johnston, Paul C.18921962
Johnston, R. Esther18521925
Johnston, Sarah L.18561910
Johnston, William18451920
Kelly, Annie Carrie10 Oct 186119 Oct 1862
Kelly, Clark Milton13 Jun 18657 Jun 1893
Kelly, George Robert22 Jan 19086 Jul 1993
Kelly, Gertrude Pearsall25 Dec 187622 Feb 1945
Kelly, James H., MD7 Jan 18348 Jul 1910
Kelly, James Howard11 May 18702 Sep 1957
Kelly, Nancy Gamble22 Mar 183622 Aug 1912
Kemp, Arthur C.18291913
Kemp, Laura M.18731954
Kemp, Lydia E.18341910
Keslar, Henry18251903
Keslar, Maria18261871"his wife"
Keslar, Sarah18401913"his wife"
King, Mary E.6 Jul 1886"wife of David F. Loras"; aged 23 years 10 mos 16 ds.
Koontz, John Phillips29 Nov 1988"Son of Dwight & Stacy"
Latta, Elisabeth C.21 Oct 1864aged 65 years 5 months & 28 days
Latta, John26 Jan 179015 Oct 1872aged 82 yrs. 8 mos. & 19 days
Latta, Moses14 Feb 1848aged 50 years; Veteran flag - GAR 1861-1865
Leasure, Jesse18361926
Leasure, Mary18321906
Lebkisher, Infant1904"Infant dau of J. A. & L. E. Lebkisher"
Lenhart, Ida M.18651877
Lenhart, Jonathan18181879
Lenhart, Leah18221910"His wife"
Logan, Mildred A.19221995
Ludwick, Eva B.29 Jun 187926 Feb 1894"Dau of E. T. & H. L. Ludwick"
Ludwick, Walter L.7 Sep 18849 Dec 1905"Son of E. T. & H. L. Ludwick"
Lutz, Edna L.18951942Gosnell Service marker
Lutz, Harry F.11 Apr 188317 Jan 1969"A Friend"
Lutz, Mary C.18561924"Mother"
Matheson, Lucy M.18901959
Matheson, Malcom A., DD18781937
McHenry, Alex. Burns1909
Mitchell, Flora P.18901982
Mitchell, Georgia A.18921974
Momyer, William1 Jan 1854aged 21 years 7 mon
Moneyer, Mary E.6 Aug 1859"Dau of J. H. & M. Moneyer"; aged 1 year 8 mos. 6 dys.
Morgan, Robert W.19131979
Morris, Harry E.18921970
Morris, Maude M.18921977
Morris, Myrtle M.18951963"Mother"
Morris, Orville S.18931960"Father"
Morrison, Minerva J.18711966
Morrison, Thomas L.18611940
Moyer, Kate E.18551922"Wife of Jos. E. Moyer"
Newingham, Willie S.
Nichols, Charles J.18681919
Nichols, JoAnna R.18701924
Novak, K.5 Aug 190520 Aug 1905
Overley, Martha I.18711916
Overley, Thomas G.25 Sep 1831Jun 1873
Overly, Frank S.6 Jul 1887aged 23 years 6 mos 11 days
Peebles, Janet20 ??? 1812"Mother"
Peebles, John M.22 ??? 1814Jun 1898?"Father"
Peterson, Noah G.18501920
Peterson, Rachel A.18531939
Phillips, John Albert19401959"Son"
Phillips, John M.19131980
Porch, Frederick St. Clair
Porch, Mary L.18281903
Raccor, David W.19551984"Sgt. U.S. Army"
Raccor, John19141978"Sgt. U.S. Army W.W.II"; Flag
Ridsdale, Annie18681929"Mother"
Ridsdale, Fred H.19001985"Husband"
Ridsdale, Harriet A.19001935"Wife"
Ridsdale, James18701929"Father"
Ridsdale, James1922"Baby"
Robb, John Andrew18 Feb 1852"In memory of John Andrew son of Samuel and Eliza Robb, died FEBry 18 1852 aged 9 months and 18 days"
Ross, Domer Newill19 Oct 19222 Oct 1973
Rugh, Susan S.18891918
Saxman, Elizabeth G.18611929"Mother"
Scott, Amanda21 Decaged 10 years
Scott, Thomas11 Jul 1842aged 34 years 4 months 29 days
Sharples, Mary Alice18821929
Shearer, Caroline18291905
Shearer, David18221878
Shearer, Harriet18581876
Sheats, Henry1843
Sheats, Hester A.18451904
Sheats, Ida May18741880
Sheats, John F.18721927
Silvis, Harry E.7 Nov 1902"Son of H. J. & M. S. Silvis"; aged 2 Yrs & 10 Mos
Smith, Caroline12 Aug 1855"Dau of ? & Lovina Smith"; aged 3 years 6 mos 21 days
Smith, Ephraim18171910
Smith, Frances L.19191919
Smith, George T.19181943
Smith, Henry17 Nov 182217 Jan 1866
Smith, Jacob B.18321913
Smith, Leah M.18331907"his wife"; same tombstone as Ephraim Smith
Smith, Lovina F.10 Oct 182729 Jun 1905
Smith, Maria18351880
Smith, Mary E.18491926
Smith, Samantha S.18651947
Smitley, Catharine G.18381916"Wife of J. M. Smitley"
Smitley, Dessie Cora18781938
Smitley, John M.18531939
Smitley, Mary C.18671932
Spangler, Franklin20 July 1880"Son of Samuel & Sarah Spangler"; aged 8 yrs, 8 mos, 22 dys
Stahl, Jennie S.12 Sep 184527 Jun 1907"wife of Richard Stahl"
Stairs, Grace M.19001974
Stairs, Henry18971989
Stamm, Donald E.19331996"Korea"
Steel, Jabez Jr.19301979
Steele, Abram B.18851891
Steele, Elizabeth18211902"his wife"; same tombstone as James Steele
Steele, James18791910
Steele, James18171870
Steele, Sarah J. Bair18571875
Steele, Susan G.18511931
Steele, Thomas H.18861891
Steele, Thomas H.18481911
Swift, Roselma G.9 Jul 194223 Dec 1942
Tarr, Beatrice19221928
Tarr, Elmer E.18811961"Father"
Tarr, James H.18781918"Father"
Tarr, Margaret E.18851958"Mother"
Tarr, Nina I.18801903
Tarr, Rebecca1904"Infant Jesse"
Tarr, Sarah18521935"Mother"
Tarr, William18511934"Father"
Tarr, William R.18841923
Thomas, Catharine29 Jul 181415 Apr 1899
Thomas, Hannah M.18311917"Mother"
Thomas, William18301903"Father"
Thomas, William M.18571910"Brother"
Tospon, Frank B.18781947
Trice, George R.16 Nov 192613 Jun 1985"S2/C USN WW II"; Flag: 1941-1945
Trice, James A.18 Jun 194531 May 1970
Trimmer, Audley M.18751949
Trimmer, Margaret Johnston18461892
Truxal, Anna Margaret6 May 1895"his wife"; same tombstone as William Truxal; aged 73 Ys 7 Ms 28 Ds
Truxal, Annie M.18801970
Truxal, Charles N.26 Oct 188220 Oct 1899
Truxal, Glenn Smith19081908
Truxal, J. Clark18671940
Truxal, Jacob Rugh18581934"Father"
Truxal, Jane M.18791947
Truxal, John M.6 Nov 18744 Mar 1876
Truxal, Joseph J.18511894
Truxal, Julia A.29 Dec 183927 Nov 1907"Mother"
Truxal, Martha L.18891916"wife of Earl Ager"
Truxal, Mary E.18521889
Truxal, Mary S.18771918
Truxal, Rebecca Smith185819--"Mother"
Truxal, Simon P.21 Sep 183917 Mar 1926"Father"
Truxal, Sophia S.18411927
Truxal, William3 Sep 1898aged 97 Ys 8 Ms & 20 Ds
Truxal, Wm. E.7 Apr 186919 Apr 1897
Vance, John L.15 Oct 1872aged 23 y. 9 m. 23 d.
Wagner, Bessie E.18961968
Wagner, Francis August26 Nov 19164 May 1941
Wagner, Infant10 Feb 1924"Infant dau of J. R. & R. S. Wagner"
Wagner, Joseph Ralph23 Sep 188913 Feb 1953
Wagner, M. Bennett18931983
Wagner, Marie A.19181919
Wagner, Rita Regina26 Jun 191917 Jul 1919
Wagner, Rose Sobinsky13 Sep 18964 Apr 1966
Wagner, Virginia LaVera23 Aug 192014 Aug 1922
Walker, John C.18561940
Watson, Billie E.24 Sep 19165 Sep 1917
Watson, Donna M.10 Feb 192522 Feb 1930
Watson, Harry B.18891946"Father"
Watson, Lanza M.18961978"Mother"
Weaver, Anna M.16 Sep 180814 Nov 1886aged 78 yrs 1 mo. 28 dys
Weaver, Augusta18791879
Weaver, D. George18771878
Weaver, Elizabeth H.18411921
Weaver, Emma J.18811881
Weaver, Francis C.18371918
Weaver, Ida Miran1939
Weaver, James P.20 Sep 1876"son of J. & A. M. Weaver"; aged 31 yr. 11 mo.
Weaver, John B.14 Jun 17991 Feb 1883aged 83 yrs 7 mos & 17 dys
Weaver, John W.18341915
Weaver, Mary Anna1951
Weaver, S. Jane18391904"his wife"; same tombstone as Francis C. Weaver
Weaver, W. Boyd18831904
Welty, Edward J.22 Dec 191030 Mar 1970"Pennsylvania PFC 56 General Hosp. World War II"; Flag
Welty, Edward M.18671936
Welty, Ezra J.25 Oct 1905aged 68 yrs; "Co. G. 28 Reg. P.V.I.
Welty, Hannah H.23 Jan 1881aged 43 yrs 3 mos & 23 days
Welty, Infant Son2 Jan 1868"Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Welty"
Welty, John26 Sep 1871aged 28 yrs 6 mos 4 days
Welty, John H.28 Apr 1941aged 75 yrs 5 mos 6 days
Welty, Lida Parks8 Apr 190719 Sep 1956
Welty, Lucy O.18751957
White, David L.18811954"Father"
White, Katie Sheets18851982"Mother"
White, Mary E. (Mayme)18821950"Mother"
White, Ralph18801948"Father"
Wiggins, Cuthbert20 Oct 1866aged 90 yrs; Veteran flag - 1812-1814
Wiggins, Elizabeth8 Sep 1889aged 81 yrs
Williams, John G.
Wilson, Alice M.18861969
Wilson, Charles H.18801942Flag: Veteran
Wilson, Dorothy J.19181924
Wilson, Edna I.19181991"Mother - Grandmother"
Wilson, Percy19121972