How She Can Help You

 Linda's work is always customized to meet your needs, never "canned." Contact Linda to discuss your specific assessment and accreditation needs by clicking here or by e-mailing her at


Linda is an educator who can help you and your colleagues learn how to:

  • Solve problems and break through roadblocks regarding assessment and accreditation.
  • Comply with regional accreditation requirements.
  • Design and implement effective assessments of student learning and other aspects of institutional effectiveness.
  • Use assessment results and other evidence and information to make improvements and to inform plans, decisions, and resource allocations.
  • Plan and organize for an accreditation event such as a report submission or visit.
  • Document your work to accreditors clearly and effectively.

Linda's customized educational services include:

  • Confidential, objective face-to-face and telephone consultations on assessment and accreditation topics with individuals, departments, committees, and groups on your campus
  • Workshops and presentations on your campus on an array of assessment and accreditation topics
  • Confidential, objective off-site analyses and feedback on draft assessment and accreditation submissions, including accreditation self-studies, follow-up reports, and supporting documentation

Tips on using your resources wisely and making the most of Linda's assistance:

  • Reflect on where your institution is regarding assessment and accreditation. What's going well? What are the roadblocks? Why are they roadblocks? How would you like Linda to help you move past those roadblocks? Linda offers up to 30 minutes of complementary telephone consultation to help articulate your key needs and discuss how she might help meet those needs.
  • If you would like Linda to visit, consider a combination of events. A day-long visit can begin, for example, with a half-day workshop in the morning, followed by afternoon meetings with groups and individuals needing specific assistance, such as your campus assessment committee or departments with specific assessment questions.
  • Promote lasting impact from a visit by Linda by planning concrete follow-up steps. If Linda does a workshop on curriculum mapping, for example, ask faculty in each program to complete a curriculum map by a set deadline.
  • If you would like to host a workshop or presentation by Linda, invite faculty and administrators from other colleges and universities in your area, charging them a modest registration fee to help offset your expenses. This is a great opportunity for them to attend a workshop or presentation at a far lower cost than traveling to a conference.
  • Partner with another institution to bring Linda in for consecutive consultations or workshops at each of your institutions. By dividing travel and accommodation expenses, you can lower your overall investment significantly.