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  Tutoring Program

Tutor Training

The training course for becoming a volunteer tutor involves five or six weekly meetings held at the Plymouth Public Library, usually on Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m., and it is usually offered in the spring (the beginning of March) and in the fall (the beginning of October).

Click here for the specific agenda.

The following is the typical training agenda:


DAY 1:  Overview and Introduction (Thursday, week 1)


Overview of Literacy Program

Giant Turnip Exercise

Learning Styles

Characteristics of Adult Learners

Tutor Goals

Tutor Application

DAY 2:  Reading & Assessments (Thursday, week 2)

Circulation Department Representative

Reading Strategies (Phonics, Whole Word, Whole Language)

Our Materials in the New Reader’s Section
(Our own book section in the library.)

Learner Assessments

DAY 3:  The Literacy Learning Center (Thursday, week 3)

Youth Services Department Representative

Our Materials in the Literacy Learning Center
(Our own room in the library.)

Tutor Trainee’s Treasure Hunt Homework

DAY 4:  Teaching Techniques (Thursday, week 4)

Reference Department Representative

Treasure Hunt Homework (from day 3)

Introduction to Survival Kits

Teaching Techniques (Cloze, Substitution, Transformation, etc.)

DAY 5:  Getting Started (Thursday, week 5)

Matching Who Is Your Learner?

Survival Kits Donations

Ingredients of a Good Lesson

Getting Started

Homework Ideas

Learner Goals

Learner Recognition

Dateline Video

DAY 6:  Follow-up, Feedback, & Suggestions (1 month after Week 5)

Guest Tutor/Learner Pair

More Lesson Suggestions

Sharing of Ideas/Successes/Problems/Questions



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