This page is dedicated Henry J cars and their history. 

The Henry J was manufactured by Kaiser - Frazer motor corporation of Willow Run, Michigan.

Henry J Kaiser set up his automobile manufacturing facility in the ex-Willow Run bomber plant. There they produced the Henry J from 1950 - 1953 which covered the 1951 - 1954 model years.

My Current Cars

1952 Henry J Vagabond

I purchased this 1952 Henry J Vagabond on ebay in June of 2001.  Shortly thereafter, I began a functional restoration which included a newly rebuilt engine  and overdrive transmission. Other options include Allstate signal lights, factory radio and heater - all in working order. 

In September 2012  I drove this car from the Twin Cities to Sublette, Illinois for the Annual Sublette Orphan Car show. I put 815 trouble-free miles on it including a side trip to Dixon, IL.

I am currently in the process of finishing up the details. It is a very good runner and solid rust free car. I have put just over 10,000 miles on it since June 2001.

1953 Henry J Corsair Deluxe

I have owned this car for 32 years. It features a 6 cylinder engine with overdrive transmission. Accessories include, factory radio, signal lights, backup lights and heater.  It just turned over 64,000 actual miles. It's still a pleasure to drive. 

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