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Kenipurr Japanese Bobtails


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GrCh, GrPr, NW
Kenipurr's Kuriketto of Kurisumasu, D.M.

Dilute Mi-ke Shorthair
Japanese Bobtail Female/Spay

Co-owned with
Marianne Clark and Lynn Boelter

*National 15th Best Cat*
*2nd Best Japanese Bobtail in Championship*
*Regional Best Cat*
*First National Winning Dilute
Japanese Bobtail*


Photo by Chanan

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CFA Cat Shows

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I started showing cats in February, 1976, with a household pet I adopted from the Yolo County Animal Shelter in Woodland, California. Through my participation in the shows, I met many wonderful people and learned about the cat fancy and pedigreed cats.

I purchased my first American Shorthair, Pr Cartier Country Boy of Kenipurr, in October, 1976, and my first Abyssinian, Ch Amon Sul Sun Song of Kenipurr, in January, 1979. Kenipurr cattery was first registered in CFA in September, 1979, then later in ACFA and TICA. I began in Sunnyvale, California, then moved to the Puget Sound area of Washington state in 1983. Through the cat shows, I became interested in the Japanese Bobtails, and received my first shorthaired Japanese Bobtail, GrPr Kurisumasu Jin of Kenipurr, in September of 1996.

Kenipurr has bred or owned over 100 CFA Grand Champions and Grand Premiers in seven breeds: Abyssinians, American Shorthairs, Japanese Bobtails, American Wirehairs, Colorpoint Shorthair, Ocicat, and Scottish Fold.  Two of those Japanese Bobtails were National Winners, and seven Japanese Bobtails achieved the title of Distinguished Merit. Thirty-two of those cats have been Regional Winners; nineteen were National Color Winners. Right now, I am breeding only Japanese Bobtails.

The cats that I'm currently showing are GrCh Kenipurr's Colour My World (gold-eyed smoke mi-ke), Benhana Seitansai of Kenipurr (odd-eyed black and white male), and Kenipurr's You're the One (odd-eyed smoke mi-ke).

I am a member of the CFA Japanese Bobtail breed council. I am also a member of the Japanese Bobtail Breeders Society, Japanese Bobtail Fanciers, and the Longhair Japanese Bobtail Breeders' Club. I am an active member of several show-producing clubs in the upper Northwest, as well as participating in local and National breed rescue.

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