Japanese Bobtails For Sale


All cats and kittens are sold already altered, with up-to-date upper respiratory vaccinations, yellow CFA prepaid registration or green CFA registration certificate, pedigree, and conditional sales contract.  Kittens sell for $600-800; adults cost $100-500.  Discounts are given for multiple cats/kittens and return adopters. Since JBTs do best in pairs, consider getting two of them, and save money. 



Adult Japanese Bobtails Available

GrCh, RW Benhana Shuusei of Kenipurr

Suzie was born August 11, 2009; her parents are both CFA Grand Champions with Distinguished Merit titles.  She is a gold-eyed mi-ke who was spayed December 9.  Suzie is an affectionate and quiet cat with no known bad habits.  She will eat any dry food and use any litter.  Suzie will get along with other cats after a little time, but does consider herself to be in charge, and would likely get along with a cat-friendly dog. After she is spayed, she will be shown to her Grand Premiership title before being placed in a forever pet home.

Japanese Bobtail Kitten Available

One odd-eyed (green and blue eyes) mi-ke female shorthair kitten was born August 23.  Her parents are GC, RW Benhana Sensei of Kenipurr and
GC, RW Kenipurr's Happy Heart.  She is a beautiful girl, but her tail is too long for her to be shown.  She will be spayed before being placed, and will be available in late December or early January.

** Adoption Pending **

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