Kenipurr's Award Winners


Please note: I am no longer breeding American Shorthairs

American Shorthairs

GrPr El Tigre's Tabbygail of Kenipurr, Brown Patched Tabby Spay
GrCh Sol-Mer's Fire and Ice of Kenipurr, Silver Patched Tabby Female **NC
GrCh Sol-Mer Samantha of Kenipurr, Brown Tabby Female
GrCh Kenipurr's Cameoflage, Cameo Tabby Male *NC
GrPr Kenipurr's Cameolot, Cameo Tabby Neuter
GrCh Jo-Ni Sierra of Kenipurr, Brown Tabby Female **
Ch Jo-Ni Caramello of Kenipurr, Brown Tabby Female *
GrPr, RW Kenipurr's Samantha's Song, Tortoiseshell Spay
GrCh Caellcats Delilah of Kenipurr, Brown Tabby Female
GrPr, RW Kenipurr's Cubbie Bear, Brown Tabby Neuter
GrPr Kenipurr's Monterey Bay of Heru, Brown Tabby Neuter
GrPr, RW Kenipurr's Salishan, Brown Patched Tabby Spay
GrCh, GrPr Caellcats Doc Holliday of Kenipurr, Red Tabby Neuter *

* Northwest Regional Color Winner

** Northwest Regional Breed Winner

NC National Color Winner

NWR 11th Best
in Premiership


NWR 14th Best
in Premiership


NWR 17th Best in Premiership

NWR Best of Color

NWR 2nd Best of Breed and Best of Color

National Best of Color

National Best of Color

  CFA American Shorthair Breed Profile
  National American Shorthair Club


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