AP European History
Western Heritage Chapter 17
The Age of Enlightenment

Day Classwork
Reading and
Written Assignments

November 7
B Day
Test Chapter 15 & 16 For 11/12
Read Chapter 17
Crossword Puzzle
Crossword Clues
November 12
D Day
Begin Chapter 17
The Philosophes
Formative Influences on the Enlightenment
The Encyclopedia
For 11/13
November 13
E Day
The Enlightenment and Religion
The Enlightenment and Society
Political Thought of the Philosophes
Fpr 11/14
November 14
F Day
Enlightened Absolutism Test/Quest-11/15
November 15
A Day
Chapter 17
Take-Home DBQ
Analyze documents and create groups
Bring to class 11/19 for in class essay
For 11/26-Read
Chapter 18-p.592-609