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Chair, hat, boots at memorial

On November 23, 2012, the world lost an icon, and I lost a dear friend. I've been a fan of Larry Hagman for over 40 years. He was my first crush, my favorite actor ever. I adored him, never imagining that I'd ever meet him, never so much as writing a fan letter. But years later, some of my wildest dreams came true. I met Larry, worked for him, and, along with two close friends, became part of "Team Hagman." We looked out for Larry, admired him, and simply enjoyed the company of a wonderful, funny, adorable, generous man. His friendship was a gift, and I am left with incredible memories I will always cherish.

Dare to dream. Anything is possible!

Linda, owner/creator of

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Chair, hat, boots at memorial

June 13, 2014

I will always love him in IDOJ, but he was a multi-talented actor who will truly be missed. I will cherish him, forever.



September 21, 2013

Happy birthday dear Major Nelson! Thanks for all generosity in your life and career! I meet you one time in my life and i never forget this! A fan of you!



September 21, 2013

I had the honor to meet Larry Hagman on many occasions, most notable, appearing on the Martha Stewart show with him and Barbara Eden. A total dream come true for this boy from Nassau Bahamas who grew up watching Jeannie. Back then we didn't even have our own TV Station, we had to hope for a nice day to be able to have our antenna pick it up from Miami. I will never forget all the joy that Larry has brought to my life and I will always Love Him!!!! Sleep Well Larry we LOVE YOU !



September 18, 2013

I love this website! the quote of Larry saying he loved it because it was all about him made me smile so much. my words aren't enough to express the love, gratitude and appreciation I have for the man who truly was larger than life. he made me smile, laugh, yell at the tv, most of all I always rooted for him no matter how bad JR was. (and let's face it, it was pretty darn bad!) I loved those blue eyes of his and most of all his cheeky grin. Never before or after had I seen such a perfect marriage of actor and character than of Larry/JR the likes of whom will never be seen again



December 23, 2012

I grew up with Larry, of course I DREAM OF JEANNIE me laugh a lot, his career was wonderful, even now my 43 with my wife still see the show, my deepest condolences to his family from PANAMA CENTRAL AMERICA, rest in peace


December 5, 2012

........... towards the end, it was hard to see him. He just didn't look himself.

Even though I was happy he was working on the new DALLAS, filming with his two closest friends, it just didn't look or feel right. He seemed different.

But I wrote it off as me being sour about the lack of story and script. In the original show, Larry would have come in all guns blazing, made changes, rewrote the dialogue, got actors, producers out. He was like that on JEANNIE, too - he just wanted it done right, done his way. Sometimes he won, sometimes he didn't - he made himself crazy, but he loved acting and wanted to make the shows the best they could be. Especially DALLAS.

So when I saw the new DALLAS mesh into some kind of Texas style MELROSE PLACE, and Larry skate through the scripts that bore no particular relation to what the earlier show had been, especially at the beginning, I wondered why he was doing it?

I knew it wasn't about money or status anymore. At 80 years old, having already conquered TV, he didn't need any of that. Good, bad or indifferent, JR Ewing had made him a household name all over the world, and Major Nelson, too, helped cement his place in TV history.

When he returned to Dallas in 2011 to start filming the new show, it was to come full circle. It was to come home. He'd been in born in Texas in 1931 - and even though he spent most of his life away - it was the place that had given him his start. It was the place that bred the type of men he would become so famous for playing.

It was fitting then on Nov 23rd he would pass on in Dallas, 40 minutes from where he'd been born in Fort Worth, and the very place his most famous character was from. He had come around, and now the proverbial circle of life enclosed him and took him from the living earth.

When I heard, I cried. I was out in public, leaving work heading towards my car. I was reading my phone and found the news on there. But before I cried, I smiled. He had been in Texas with the people he loved. And then I understood the reason he worked in the new show: it was to be at home with family and friends. It wasn't about JR this time, it was about him.

When a famous actor passes away, they never really leave us. They don't just exist in our memories, but in moving images and sound, archived in the public domain forever. Whenever we miss them, we can sit, watch, experience and relive.

What did I like about him? What did I love about him? I just thought he was a damn fine actor. It always starts with that, but he was a unique soul, who was shy and human and dealt with pain and sadness, just as we all do. There was also his physicality: his round, soft, smiley face; his distinctive voice and his broad shouldered physique. He looked the way I love a man to look.

I know he's somewhere out there. I have no need to guess or wonder. He just is. He lived a good and long life, and encouraged me to travel and see the world.

He was apart of my family. I'll miss him.



December 2, 2012

Dear Larry ---
I'm deeply saddened for your loss. I grew up watching you primarily on "Dallas," but it was also my experience watching you on "I Dream of Jeannie," where you got your 1st television exposure with Barbara Eden. Your humor and your presence brought you on 2 separate shows, where you got immediate attention. Though you always asked Jeannie's producers questions, but, it's also you at times were aiming your goal at being the profession, before you went out on your own in having your own series. You loved your Barbara Eden, the same way you have loved your family, afterall, you started out as a son, before becoming a father, grandfather and even an uncle. You lived as long as he could. I hope that you enjoy Heaven, that you spend so much of time being evil down there, though you've played a tough, evil character for all these years. You took into a direction where no other actor would done that - and "Dallas," your TV show also opened the door for other soap operas of the "me generation" of the 1980s such as its spin-off "Knots Landing," "Dynasty," & "Falcon Crest," those soaps with materialistic meaning that also created families who have turned their backs on each other!

Yours Sincerely,
Gary Richard Collins II


November 27, 2012

I've admired Larry since 1978 and I had a dream, that was to meet him once in my life. I never had the chance to ... He was such a wonderful and talented actor and I already miss him an awful lot. Last night, I looked at the stars and I saw a diamond shining in the sky; that precious diamond will now shine forever in my heart. Rest in peace sweet Larry, I will never forget you!

Forever in my heart, those lovely memories of yours will never die!

Ann (a truly Larry admirer from Belgium)


November 27, 2012

Larry Hagman, the mortal, is dead. Larry Hagman, the legend, will never die! He will live forever in the hearts and minds of his myriads of friends and fans worldwide.

Larry Hagman was the best example of the two sides of the acting coin - comedic and dramatic. He was equally as good playing the sweet lovable gentle soul or the bitter, hateful, evil scoundrel! The son of the great Mary Martin, he excelled in all - stage, screen, and television! The stage has lost one of it's greatest and most versatile actors. We mourn J.R. Ewing losing his last deal, we revere Major Nelson's last trip into outer space!



November 27, 2012

Thank you Larry for the beautiful tv hours

that we spend with you.

We will never forget you,

(Fan source 2008).

You will always remain in our hearts.

The greatest actor that we EVER had.

From deepest heart condolences to the family,friends,fans and the Dallas cast members.

R.I.P Larry ,we will always miss you.

Valer from Bavaria/Germany


November 27, 2012

Being the younger brother of the owner of this site, I was destined to spend most of life watching Larry Hagman on TV. It began with I Dream of Jeannie, but my interest leaned more towards Barbara Eden. As I got older, I noticed something, though - the show wasn't particularly well written and the only reason it was amusing at all was because of the actors. In particular, the comic skills and timing of Larry, Bill Daily and Hayden Rourke. However, removing the last two actors would still leave one comic genius. He never got the credit he deserved on that series, which led to distress on his part. Yet, his dramatic skills were also formidable, as evidenced in early films like Fail Safe He was a chameleon, and like the best actors, made it look easy. Only Dick Van Dyke tripped over furniture as well.

His skills with comedy served him well while working in his most famous role as JR Ewing. Consider the possible alternates for the role: Robert Foxworth and Robert Culp. Both fine actors with considerable talent, but neither had the same deft comic touch that would make JR lovable while he did some truly awful things. What made JR so likeable was that he took such great delight in screwing people over. He was a big kid with a full toy box, each toy made to hurt his enemies while making him richer. Oh sure, he had a very cold, nasty side that came out when the situation demanding steel; but most often, his schemes would reach a climax and bring out that jaunty giggle and charming smile. Even when JR lost, the setbacks were quickly dismissed as he gleefully plotted his comeback. Like the best villains, he wasn't evil; he did what he thought best for himself and his son, not to mention his obsession to please his daddy even after Jock died. His motives were understandable, but the performance, the nuances, were all Hagman. He brought something to the part that no other actor could have done. He made that part his own, making it impossible to recast when he went to the mat for a raise.

Beyond his performances, what of the man? While admittedly a pain in the backside during Jeannie, he was always regarded as a true gem during Dallas. There he took charge, brought the cast together, made people feel at home. He finally had the role and career he wanted and deserved. From that point forward, he was making friends who would stick with him for the rest of his life.

20 years after Dallas ended, he came back to the role on a weekly basis. Older, slower, raspy, but with the same gusto and energy and charm he had back in the 80's. The show sparked whenever he was on screen. Not to take away from the rest of the cast, but without Larry Hagman, I can't imagine Dallas continuing. The closest comparison I can think of would be Lost in Space without Dr. Smith.

I only met him twice and both times were very quick and the usual fan stuff. However, I have one experience I'll keep with me forever, again thanks to my sister who was with Larry during Dallas filming earlier in November. I work for the power company and just two weeks before he passed, I was stuck doing 16 hours shifts to help restore power to people after Hurricane Sandy. I was right in the middle of this seemingly unending drudgery when my phone rang. Linda's name came up and, knowing where she was, I knew I had to drop everything and take this call. After a quick greeting, she says "someone wants to talk to you." She passes the phone over...

"Hi!" (the most recognizable "hi" in show business, which came out as "Haah!")

"Larry Fricking Hagman! How the hell are you?" (sue me, I'm a New Yorker)

The call was short, but the funny part was how little of it was about him. Usually when I talk to a celebrity, it's "I loved your work, you were great, blah yadda, etc." Nope, he kept it on me and how the area was after the storm. He asked me how I was holding up, was the company taking care of me, how was the damage, and so on. I wasn't talking to JR Ewing or Major Nelson. I wasn't getting Mr. Hagman to sign a picture. I was talking to Larry.

I did manage to squeeze in one fan moment: "I just have to tell you how much I appreciated your work. Thanks to my sister, I've been watching you my whole life."


That call completely lifted my spirits and gave me the energy to complete my storm duty. I couldn't stop smiling for hours. Two weeks later, he was gone. Had he passed away ten years ago, it would have just been another celebrity death to me. Now, it means more. He was a class act, a real person and, to my sister, a great friend.

Thank you, Larry, for all the years of dreaming of Jeannie. It was a good life and you were the last of the good guys, even when you were a rogue. Your friends and fans will be howling in the woods for awhile. Some will be crying up in the cellar, but the group will always love you, that's the beauty part. Unfortunately, there will be no more deadly encounters for JR, the S.O.B.

Anyway, thank you for befriending my sister, it changed her life. And for every fan in the world, I thank you most of all for passing on The Waverly Wonders. JR may not have been particularly good at dodging bullets, but you were!

You'll be missed. You already are.

Scott McIntyre

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