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Lori Ann Locke is a descendant of Rev. Jacob Lock, and a 5th cousin to me. 

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Here is a new link to see who all have made donations to the Lock(e) DNA project. Without their support, we wouldn't be where we are today in the project. 

Attention all Richard Lock descendants: 
I am looking for the direct male descendants of Richard Lock Jr. to DNA test. 
There were 7 brothers all sons of Richard Jr. , 3 of which have already DNA tested. 

Rev. Jacob Lock (already DNA tested at the 67 marker level)
Joseph Lock (already DNA tested, confirmed 24/25 match to me)
James Buel Lock of Wayne County Illinois
Richard III Lock of Barry County Missouri
William Lock of Bath County Kentucky through his son Richard Lock
David Lock of Barren County Kentucky
George Lock of Berkeley County WV, Jefferson County WV ( has DNA tested) 
So if you are a direct male Lock(e) descendant of James, Richard 3rd, William, or David, we need your help by agreeing to DNA test so we can prove your lineage is a correct connection. We already have the paper trail, we just wish to confirm the paper trail by DNA testing male descendants. 

 The Locke DNA Project is looking for Commercial Sponsors. Your link could be listed here!
Please email me so we can discuss an agreement. Lockeroots@comcast.net Donald Locke


General Fund update, $8.00 in the General Fund, we need $101.00 to pay for the next free DNA test! We need your help, please make a small donation to the DNA project. $1.00, $5.00 whatever you wish to donate, we need your help! 

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Lock / Locke family DNA Project
This is a skin cell swab test, not a blood test. 
This DNA kit is sent to your home, you use a little tooth brush looking thing, rub it on the inside of you mouth on your cheeks and return the sample to the company. 
Later the results come back, and with enough participants, you will know to whom you are related to and to whom you are not. 
They really do suggest the 25 or 37 marker test, but they are more costly. 
There is a wealth of information at this DNA web site, please take the time to read about it, and watch the 4 part video. They explain it pretty well. 
Get your kit so you too can participate in this project! 
You have to be a Male, Lock / Locke from anywhere in the world to participate. 

Lock / Locke family's listed on the DNA project to date. 
More to be added as more data comes in.
  Lock / Locke lineages listed on the DNA Project  
Updated 4/19/2011

Compare DNA results below. 
Lock / Locke DNA Results to date 
Updated 3/6/2015

Here is a page to help you understand DNA testing. 
Understanding DNA testing 


The Lock / Locke DNA Project is looking for Sponsors. 

Sponsors are persons who contribute towards the cost of DNA testing. A sponsor could contribute towards a specific participant or towards a specific family tree, or to the General Fund for a Surname Project, which is then used at the discretion of the Group Administrator to subsidize the cost of testing for participants. The link below provides directions for sponsors and the payment options, such as credit card, PayPal or check. http://www.familytreeDNA.com/contribution.html 
Type in Locke for the Surname Project. Thanks for your support! 

More DNA FAQ's


 Guest Book has been taken down for now, until I can find a new guest book. 

Lock and Locke Message Boards
   Rootsweb Locke 
 Rootsweb Lock 
   Genealogy.com Locke 
Genealogy.com Lock 
Roots web Locke Email list
Roots web Lock Email list 
Lock / Locke Forum by Anthony "Tony" Lock
Why leave a query on the message boards or email lists?
Because, a detailed post can help you and other researchers. 
Names, Dates, Places, Events etc: with in your post helps others help you. 
I often get emails, and or read the message boards, that contain so little information, that even the best researcher can do nothing with the info you gave. Far to often have I seen just a name posted, William Locke, or John Locke, well folks, apparently you don't understand how many men had that name in the last 300 years. Unless it is a odd rare name, you can expect little help, because your post is so vague. 
In genealogy, more is better in most cases. 

Richard Lock b. ca 1720, d. 1777
Records linking him to his father Richard Lock b. 1600's d. 1745 
Richard Lock records
Added 2/20/2005
Updated 9/12/2005 
1689/90 Calvert County MD record transcribed!
Vital find! A must see!

Read about my cousin William "Rusty" Locke of the Texas Top Hands.
William "Rusty" Locke


Last Updated 5/16/2014
1880 Washington was removed, file was corrupted and could not be repaired. It will be added again at a later date. 
Copy Right


 England Christenings and Marriages 
England Added 8/23/2009, Updated 1/14/2014


BOOK'S & Magazine's

Here is a page listing Books and Magazines written about different Lock or Locke Family's
Locke Books and Magazines
Updated 12/5/2006

Land Deed and Will of
Jacob Lock of
Hampshire County Virginia
Jacob Lock added 1/23/1999

George Lock , Old Photo , who is this man ? help me identify him Photo
Added 3/22/1999 , Updated 5/9/99
Copy Right

Death obit of
George Sims Locke
GSL Obit
Added 4-18-98


SHIPS Updated 11/15/2000



List your Reunion here or search for Reunion's

Reunions   Updated 6/4/2007

Will of Geradis Lock of Mercer County Kentucky to Monroe County Illinois
Geradis Lock

Kentucky Lock records. 

Charlotte County Virginia Lock deeds
Added 12/21/2008
Copies of original deeds supplied to me by Jimmy Locke. 
Names mentioned: William H. Lock & wife Melissa J., George G. Lock, George D. Lock
Also mentions Lincoln County Tennessee and Greene County Alabama

Of Armagh, Northern Ireland added 2/6/2009

More Locke Family Web Sites that you really should go and visit !
I have updated the section below as of 4/16/2010, many were removed due to the bad web site addresses. If you wish to have your Lock(e) web site listed here, please email me your URL, LOCKEroots@comcast.net 


Kevin Locke's web page LFA
(Note: URL is updated )

Researching the descendants of

Capt. John Locke of

Rye New Hampshire

Kingsley Locke

Descendants of William Locke of

Woburn Mass William Locke of Woburn Mass

Jerry Harrison

Descendants of William Locke of Woburn Mass & Descendants of Ebenzer Locke also of Woburn Mass Jerry Harrison's home page

Judy Barnes
Descendants of John Lock b. abt 1650 lived in Northumberland County Virginia, 
and his son Richard W. Locke
John Lock and family 

Descendants of Phillip Lock b. about 1674, d. 1722
Phillip Lock

Descendants of Lars Carlson Lock, Sweden. Minister
Lars C. Lock

Brian D. Hamman
William Lock of Devon England

Anthony Lock
Descendants of Leonard Lock
Bladen County North Carolina 
Bladen County North Carolina

Malinda J. Perkett
Descendant of
Abraham Lock b. 1774 of Washington County Va. to
Chariton County Mo .

Diana Locke Swayne
Descendants of John Lock b. ? 
of Pike County Ohio
http://www.angelfire.com/hi3/Highland/index.html Added 5/10/2000

Marshall A. Spencer
is researching Locke's from England, and of the Catawba, Burke County area of North Carolina
Added 3/6/2003
Vann Helms 
Josias Locke family web site and news letter
Diane Underwood
Descendants of William Lock
Descendants of Thomas Lock
Descendants of James Lock of Tetburt, Gloucestershire, England
Descendants of John Lock of Frederick County Maryland to Preble County Ohio

Here are some of my favorite Web Sites , I highly recommend them !


This web site has all of the different County Web pages for each state and is now adding Census Records , Cemetery Tomb Stone transcriptions , and more !

RootsWeb Rootsweb

This web site is where you can join the many many Surname and State Email Discussion Groups , including the Locke list .

Naming Patterns
I am a firm believer in naming patterns and I use it as a guide to follow family lines
So this is a good web site that explains Naming Patterns

Family Search

Buckinghamshire England Family History Society

LDS beta web site, full of Birth, Marriage, Death certificates and searchable databases!

Missouri death records! 
Searchable database with free Death certificates! 

Greene County, Missouri marriage searchable index

Jackson County, Missouri marriage records with digital images

West Virginia Birth, Marriage, Death records! 
Searchable databases with free BMD records!

Illinois Marriage and Death index database

Washington state searchable Vital records database!

Michigan death records

USA Cemeteries 

Find A Grave

Ancestry Ancestry.com Ancestry has a Free Searchable Database for looking up Social Security Numbers of your deceased ancestors

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LOCK(E) Database

The Locke Database has been taken offline , but it is still available for lookups .
Email me your names and I will gladly look for you :)
If you wish to submit your Family info to the Database for future lookups send a email to the address listed below . If you send me your family file I can then try to help you add to it as time permits. I can except most any format, gedcom files, text files, RTF etc: 
The database now contains over 17140 Lock / Locke's, not including the extended familys!

For questions or comments Email me at :
LOCKEroots@comcast.net Donald Locke

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