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Not wanting to bore you.  Or worse yet...
bore me, I've kept the number of pieces in this portfolio to a minimum. Okay -- a relative minimum.
In alpha order, I do, have done and continue to do:
And there's no way either of us wants to wade through all that. 
Also, Comcast (my service provider) Web pages don't support uploading anything that's not a Jpeg, Giff, PNG or BMP.  And, I'm already paying Comcast for these Web pages, so I'm going to use them. I am NOT cheap.  I am frugal. Okay, I'm cheap.
Anyway, if there's something you don't see, but want to, email. 

Every concept is mine.

Every headline is mine.

Every word of body copy is mine…

…well, just about.  Over the years, "stuff" has occasionally been messed with. I left out the “hacked to pieces” pieces, but included some where there's been marginal monkeying. Hey, the customer’s always right – even when he/she is dead wrong. It’s got to do with principal and interest over principle alone.

While Comcast doesn't let me upload MP3s and videos, the Central Valley Business Times almost insists on it.  So, that's where you can listen to Don Laskin’s Observations: When the Rant Is Due. Just go to  www.centralvalleybusinesstimes.com and click on “Letters From Laskin” (upper right).  Click here for Observations archived on the Central Valley Business Times.

You'll also find Observations on YouTube. Go to http://www.youtube.com/user/lonewriteradv.

Don Laskin