Illegal Activity, level 2

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Faction: Opposite of the agent
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Unknown

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Spawns ships of one of the two enemy factions

Warp in, wait.

First group 2 soldiers, 2 support frigates (these take a lot to kill, so go first for the soldiers).

After some time, second group spawns. Officer (drops the required mission item) and a few smaller frigates.

No need to kill the miners.

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Will spawn the same faction as the previous mission.

Warp in, blob of soldiers / support frigates / small frigates. Soldiers are faster so kiting works nicely. Kill them all to complete mission.

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Will spawn same faction as previous mission.

Ok, things get interesting now.

First the warp in point is 120km away from the acceleration gate. Kill the officer for the key.

The welcoming party past the gate is:

3x Sentry guns, 3 soldiers. These agro as you jump in.

Ahead there are 3 packs - middle one has the two couriers you need to kill. The two side packs will not agro when you engage the couriers, The courier pack ships all have different speeds so kiting works well here.

There might spawn an omber roid in the asteroid field.

This mission needs a lot of work. CategoryNeedInfo
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Mission 1: Upon warp in no hostiles. After a minute or so the following appeared: 4 Gallente Miners, 2 Gallente Navy Delta II Support Frigates (web), 2 Gallente Navy Soldiers. This was shortly followed by 3 Gallente Navy Atron and 1 Gallente Navy Officer. The last enemy destroyed drops the mission item (minors need not be destroyed). Explosive seemed to be the most effective ammo type to use.

Mission 2: Upon warp in the following are at about 65-75km: 6 Gallente Navy Atron, 6 Gallente Navy Soldier. All aggro. Most effective seemed to be EM. I kept them at 20km or greater and they never hit me.
-- CorwinPendragon (2008-12-17 08:41:51)
3 of 3 Warp in to Deadspace
Pocket 1
Kill RS Officer is 24Km away which has the RS offers passcard for the warp gate, and a bunch of other loot.
Pocket 2
3 groups
Group 1 3x Sentry guns, 3 soldiers. These agro as you jump in.
Group 2 and 3 have 10 frigates in each at about 95Km away from warp in point either side of a stargate
killing one group triggers the Courier group 8xfrigates and the 2x cruiser size couriers, which come in via the stargate.
No bountys on anything so kill the Couriers and finish the mission.
-- JayNas (2009-01-16 18:08:32)
In 1 of 3 the Support Frigates webify and recharge their armour plus heavy shields. EM does the least damage. Go for the officer and support frigs. Last of these drops cargo.
-- MrBraetaec (2009-01-23 04:30:08)
3 of 3 Warp into deadspace
After getting the RS Officers passcard and using the gate
After clearing the immediate agro and sentry guns
No need to approach either group on each side of jumpgate, just get within 50km of jumpgate and Courier group spawns.
Just killing the 2xcouriers not enough - all support for couriers must be cleared to end mission
-- MrBraetaec (2009-01-25 20:47:07)
"Delta support frigates" from first part are tough (well, for normal lvl 2 mission runners, i am switching corp i run missions for, so i got there in a drake with precision missiles). Thermal damage seemed to work best (i had Gallente ships in mission). Miners droped "gallente mining laser" (storyline, can not be sold, can be reprocessed). Both delta support frigates were webbing.
-- WikiMatzumisi (2009-03-01 17:16:19)
1 of 3, 41 veld roids approx. 1mil units
-- CadDyn (2009-03-15 16:01:43)
Part 3 of 3
Pocket 1
Landed about 9K from an Acceleration gate. There was a R.S. Officer (Vexor hull) about 34 km from me. Killed this and it dropped the R.S. Officer's Passcard which is needed to use the Acceleration Gate.

Pocket 2
Landed about 60km km from a Gallente Stargate. Behind me were there were three Gallente Sentry Guns (30K bounties) each with a Gallente Navy Soldier (Tristan hull) near them.

Past the Gallente Stargate to the left and right were two Security Outposts each surrounded by 9 Gallente Navy Atron/Gallente Navy Maulus (for a total of 18.)

Killing the ships around one of the Security Outposts resulted in a spawn of 5 Convoy Escort Soldiers (Tristan hulls), 3 Convoy Escort Maulus, and 2 Roden Shipyard Couriers (Iteron V hull.) Killing all the convoy escorts and both of the Roden Shipyard Couriers resulted in "Objective Completed." Killed a Security Outpost but it dropped nothing.
-- FastredBloodworth (2009-03-27 04:48:17)
In 1 of 3 medium smartbombs get rid of those pesky "Delta support frigates" with ease.
-- LioNess (2009-03-30 16:02:06)
Hang onto the key for 3/3, and if you're given the mission again you can get through the gate without having to kill the officer.
-- TheIntersect (2010-02-14 09:30:51)
1 of 3:

Wave 1 (10km)
2x Federation Navy Delta II Support Frigate
2x Federation Navy Soldier
4x Gallente Miner (non-aggressive, not required - Gallente faction standing loss)

Wave 2 (60km)
3x Federation Navy Atron
1x Federation Navy Officer

2 of 3:
Wave 1
-- WikiThaedius (2010-02-26 17:39:49)
T2 light drones make short work of all the frigates.
-- PlanetaryGenocide (2010-03-02 20:57:30)
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