Are you ready for Year 4? You are invited to come along with Ava, and join her as she travels down Mile Four of life's journey.

Weekend of July 31-August 2, Gigi and Grandpa visited to help celebrate Ava's 3rd Birthday. Friday afternoon, we picked Ava up from the Little Red Schoolhouse for the last time. With Gigi's help, Ava made her own birthday cake. Ava opened her gifts. We ate out at various places over the weekend. We took the Creole Queen Riverboat tour to Mardi Gras World. We grilled steaks on the patio. And the weather for the weekend could not have been better. On Sunday August 2, Ava and I attended Logan's birthday party at the Monkey Room; we had a lot of fun. On August 8 we said good-bye to our old Honda which has served us well for many years; we bought a new Toyota Venza.

On the night of August 10, Ava was enrolled in the PreK3 Program at St. Catherine of Siena School! Yes, Ava will be changing schools. Her first day at St. Catherine's will be tomorrow, August 11. Ava is changing schools, not because there is anything wrong with the Little Red Schoolhouse of Metairie, but since it is our plan to have Ava attending St. Catherine's for K-7 Grades, it would just seem to be in her best-interest to change schools at this time. If you would like, the two links below will take you St. Catherine of Siena School and Church. Suggest that you take a few minutes and browse each website. Ava adjusted very well to her new school.
School                  Parish Church

Saturday night, August 14, Brian and Ava along with Jason and Jackson, attended the Zephyr vs Colorado Springs baseball game. Ava attended Anthony's 3rd birthday at the Pontiff Playground on Sunday, August 23. She is doing well in school and continues to get a green star each day, which means her teacher is pleased with her behavior.