02.02 - Groundhog Day
02.07 - SAINTS WIN Super Bowl XLIV
02.14 - Valentine's Day
02.15 - Presidents Day
02.16 - Fat Tuesday
02.17 - Ash Wednesday
02.25 - New-Baby Birth

Video Clips:
Ava and Anthony
February 6, 2010. 19 seconds.
Black and Gold! New Flip camcorder records Ava and Anthony cheering-on their Saints football team.

Mardi Gras Parade
February 6, 2010. 27 seconds.
Ava enjoying a Mardi Gras parade - catching beads with Daddy.

February 2010 has been an interesting month, indeed! Lots of things happened. The shortest month of the year was one of the busiest. Saints won the Super Bowl and the city celebrated, in conjunction with Mardi Gras. And I got to see it all. A chance of a lifetime. Oh yeah, and most importantly - my new bro or sis is scheduled to be born during the last week of the month.

This will be the last month that this website will display pictures and news stuff about me and my family. Oh, it will still be used to record my medical info and milestones, but all other stuff will be included on the newly created website, which will be dedicated to my new sister and me and my family and friends - The Adventurs of Ava and Eleanore Website.

And the same is true of the website which has displayed info about my unborn sibling - Eleanore Marie Lowe. This website began last May and continued through Arrival Date. Medical and milestone stuff will continuously be kept on this website however.

So - once you have finished reading this webpage, you are invited to visit our new website to view all pictures taken and information recorded, during Arrival Day, and forward. The new website shall display our adventures, as Eleanore is welcomed into this great big wide world and becomes the newest member of the Family Of Mankind and the Lowes.

- Ava