Ava's first two years of life will be among of the most important ones in her life, and of course she will not remember anything about it. She will grow and develop at amazing speed. So, it is part of parenting, to capture those special firsts, events, holidays, travels, favorites, feeding ..., the best way we can. Most of the other webpages on this site contain pictures to document the growth process; however, the instantaneous happenings of an infant are almost impossible to capture on camera, and memories are very difficult to photograph. This webpage is intended to monitor Ava's life and in narrative form, to share her experiences with others. We have tried to give her a warm environment, complete with love and care. Every day of life is a milestone. Change is most often the key factor with milestones, from the cradle to the grave. So, here in this websection, we attempt to record Ava's milestones, changes, achievements ..., along the road of life.

Year 1 and 2 were so much fun! Year 3 was just as much fun, or even more. Now let's add Year 4 to the Milestones webpage.

Prenatal obviously shall not be included in years past Year 1. However the other links are.
Firsts ... now has links included and shall record information via links from birth-to-present.
Frequent Flyer Miles shall continue to be birth-to-present and shall indicate all air miles that Ava flies.
Favorites shall also be birth-to-present, with new information entered at the top of the existing text.
Ava's Art shall also be October 2008-to-present, with new art added as she continues to draw in school.
Watch Ava Grow-up shall continue from birth-to-present, with a picture(s) added for each month, with a slideshow added.

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Ava' Art
Watch Ava Grow-up
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