This has been a fun month! More so than other months in the past, which also have been fun-filled. Ava's life (all of our lives), have become centered around St. Catherine School and Church. And that is the way that it should be, I guess. Ava attended Sophia's Birthday Party. As a family, we prepared for the 2009 School Fair [SCS "It's A Magical World" St. Catherine of Siena Fair 2009], which was held on the weekend of October 16-18; the fair itself was a really great family event. New Baby Lowe must have also heard the sounds of the fair and everybody having fun. Speaking of our new baby, a second Ultrasound was done Friday, October 23. All looks well. Gigi and Grandpa drove down to attend the Ultrasound and to spend the weekend and keep Brian and Ava company, while Mommy flew to Orlando immediately following the Ultrasound, to spend some time with past roommates at DisneyWorld. During the weekend, Ava got a haircut, and attended the club's Halloween Party. On Tuesday, October 27, Daddy and Ava flew to Orlando and we all spent from Tuesday night until we returned home on Sunday, enjoying Orlando and DisneyWorld. Ava had her picture taken with Snow White. We stayed at the DisneyWorld Swan Resort and had a GREAT time. Halloween at DW was FUN!

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