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This websection begins at the time Ava went home on August 2, 2006, and continues through her first birthday on July 29 and August 5, 2007. See the Prenatal and Arrival websections for the pre-birth, birth, and hospital stay. Links to the various webpages (one for each month) are indicated below, which outline Ava's monthly progress down the first year of life's road. These pages contain candid and perhaps some professional still-pictures, presented in manual slideshow format, as well as blogs, and other items of information. Also on each monthly page beginning in May 2007, there could be a link to the various video clips of Ava, taken by us parents during the latter part of Ava's first year. In addition to providing a link to video clips on the monthly pages, there is also a link below to a Main Video webpage, which contains in one place, all video clips posted on You Tube. All video links are designed to allow quick access to You Tube or other such websites. Finally, a variety of first year-end images utilizing various formats, are presented, to allow an overall view of Ava's growth and progress, during Year 1.
So, turn-up the sound, sit back and let's all enjoy watching Ava grow-up in pictures (still and moving) and narrative.

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