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SPOTPLAY The Ultimate




Spotplay is a unique greyhound racing handicapper’s tool, utilizing the programs Quickdog and Microsoft Excel.

The program includes 4 methods of identifying possible KEY dogs a high percentage of the time.

§         Personal Template method

§         WOFS stardogs

§         X dogs—( High MEET WIN%)

§         GAP dogs—(User GAP between 1st and 2nd ranked dogs—for 5 defined columns)

With the program, using a personal TEMPLATE, a handicapper can set up different individual criteria (up to fourteen different racing variables) for three labels, which I have defined as your, Top dog, Hot dog and Wonder dog, which the program will flag if the criteria is fulfilled. The program will also flag and indicated any WOF stardogs, X dogs or GAP dogs.

The program will process a race card in about one minute, producing a sheet indicating the  dogs in each race that were flagged. You will be directed to a Tip Sheet to further analyze races for your flagged dogs.

The flagged dogs will also be stored in a CSV ( comma separated variable) file for backtesting in QuickTipper.

The program was designed for the serious handicapper, who wants to be able to process data for ten to fifteen tracks in less than 20 minutes, and confidently be directed only to races that satisfy his/her criteria.

Pencil capping a race card, that took hours to complete, now can be finished in a minute, leaving you more free time for other interests.


Software included:


11 Quickdog Custom Methods

88 Quickdog Custom Columns

Tru Class Table Maker


Template Maker


Paulbest20 Tipsheet

Morgan Enhancer Tipsheet

Post Position analysis Tipsheet

Class Finish/Power Tipsheet

TIC Chart

Primary/Secondary Line Chart

Complete WOFS evaluation

DAT files for ALL tracks

Class Tables for All tracks



The program utilizes Quickdog to:

·        ·        Download the program and result files

·        ·         Make the Track Class Table

·        ·         Filter the methods

·        ·         Run the script files

·        ·         Export the data

·        ·         Process the .csv files in QuickTipper for backtesting.


The Program Utilizes Excel to:

·        ·        Act as a User interface

·        ·        Make the Script files

·        ·        Activate Quickdog commands

·        ·        Set Up the Method Filters

·        ·        Make\Edit the Templates

·        ·        Process/Sort the data

·        ·        Generate multiple .csv files for backtesting

·        ·        Produce visually enhanced Tip Sheets



Initial Prep work


Once installed there very little prep work to set up Quickdog for Spotplay. Track Profiles, DAT files and Class tables are included with the program. Its basically Plug and play.


Tru Class Table Maker

To update and refresh Class tables used with SPOTPLAY


All of my columns and methods that require a Class Code Calculation, require a Class Table made with Tru Class Table Maker, some may disagree, but I believe this one column, best describes the ability of a dog, from its past performance.


Run Tru Class Table maker and make Class tables for all of the tracks you will be using. Tru Class can make customized tables for ALL DISTANCES- (and I have one user who does this). However using 5/16th tables for all distances works well also. Class tables should be updated every 3 months or so.




Customsetup is an Excel program specifically designed to quickly Make and Run a script file that will setup any Quickdog Custom Method Filter for your track—FAST. The Spotplay Instructions will tell you how each method is to be setup. Customsetup can be used with any Quickdog method you use for FAST reliable Filter setup. Once Filters are setup, you should never have to set filters again—unless you want to change settings.


Template Maker


Spotplay will store up to 25 templates for future use in Spotplay. Each template will have the criteria for the 3 Labeled dogs (Top, Hot and Wonder) to be flagged. A description box for each template is included.

Templates can be easily made,loaded, edited and saved. The Spotplay program will indicate which Template is being used for each track processed. Once templates are made, you just indicate what template you want Spotplay to use.


.CSV files   for backtesting in QuickTipper


When a track is processed, 25 CSV files are generated and saved for future use.


·        ·        3 Master CSV files. A master CSV file for each label—(TOP, HOT and Wonder)




Where XX represents the template number used in the processing---so the 3  labeled criteria dogs can be backtested for all tracks in the Quickdog Quicktipper.




·        ·        3 Track CSV files. A Track CSV file for each label—(TOP, HOT and Wonder)




Where YY represents the Track ID used in the processing---so the 3  labeled criteria dogs can be backtested for individual tracks in the Quickdog Quicktipper.


·        ·        1 Todays CSV file


Exp.     20070331T5.csv

Indicating Todays Date and Template used.

This can be called from the main Spotplay screen, and be used as a quick way to view races flagged in preparing for Today’s wagering---or can be used in backtesting to see individual dates WIN%. In the Quicktipper.


·        ·        10 Stardog files


·        ·        3  X dog files


·        ·        5 GAP dog files






All .CSV files are saved to the C:\jaidogs\Mypicks folder, which can be called from and backtested from the Quickdog Quicktipper file.


Running Spotplay


@ RUN options—RUN a Single track---Run a preset  5-pack Track bundle.


An excel userform contains Pull down menus for :


·        ·        Track

·        ·        Performance—( A, M, L, E,X,T)

·        ·        Date  --- ( Today, Tomorrow, User Input)

·        ·        User Input Box

·        ·         

 Clicking Export Programs will process your criteria, and produce a criteria fulfillment sheet and Tipsheet and save in the C:\jaidogs\SPTIP|XX folder—where XX is the Track ID




When opening the program, you will bring up a Masterform ,which includes Buttons to:


·        ·        Start Spotplay  1track or 5tracks

·        ·        Preset 5-pack

·        ·        Make\Edit\Select Template

·        ·        Morgan setup

·        ·        Custom Filter Setup

·        ·        Tru Class / PP WIN% Table Maker

·        ·        Quicktipper

·        ·        Preset GAP

·        ·        Quit



All of the programs are run from this ONE screen, saving time.

Start Page


When you activate Spotplay—you are taken to a START PAGE which includes:


·        ·        MasterForm button

·        ·        View Todays CSV file button

·        ·        Using Template # indicator

·        ·        Link to OPEN Quickdog

·        ·        Link to Ducumentation

·        ·        Link to CSV files

·        ·        Link to SpotPlay Tipsheets

·        ·        System Stats and Memory info—



See documentation for a more detailed description of the program.

Updated Screenshots will be available shortly.



Stardog Sheet


The Stardog sheet gives you a quick overall view of what dogs in each race satisfied the Criteria for the Template, WOF dogs, X dogs and GAP dogs, used for this track.

If a dog satisfied the Classic (Prospective WOFS dog) criteria it will be indicated under the Classic columns, with a RED, GREEN or YELLOW box indicating the type of Classic dog found. ( if you have this version). X dogs and GAP dogs have their own indicating columns.


A BINGO under the Style column indicates the Race satisfied your Runstyle Criteria for the Template used.

# of Key dogs column -- is the number of dogs found in this race that satisfied the Criteria of the template used for the  3 Key Dogs—Top—Hot—Wonder. Note that this number CAN be more than three—if more than one dog satisfies the templates criteria.

The Grade indicates the Grade of the Race.

The Post table indicates the Post position of the dog that satisfied the Key Dog Criteria.


Maiden races  are blocked out for any Classcode Criteria. All other Criteria uses Maidens  races.

(History—The Custom method in Quickdog will returm a high number 255—for Schooling racess—( S races are built in to the updated Tru Class Table Maker—and are assigned the Class of the highest Grade used at that track so these can be used—however Schooling is GradelessWE NEVER USE SCHOOLING RACES FOR ANY CLASSCODE CALCULATION. (Remember this if you use other Custom methods)

Note—A dog can satisfy the Criteria of more than one Key —If this is the case, it will be noted on the Tipsheet as a Multiple Hit.

There are 7 possible combinations


Top only ==========Top

Top & Hot =========TopHot

Top& Won =========TopWon

Top & Hot & Won ===TopHotWon

Hot only ===========Hot

Hot & Won=========HotWon

Wonder only ========Won


X dogs      Dogs with exceptional Meet Win% are Flagged—Great for keying.


I   1 to 4 races ran

V  5 to 9 races ran

X  10 or greater races ran

I,V,X    Meet Win% 40 – 54 %

II,VV,XX   Meet Win %   55 – 69%

III, VVV, XXX   Meet Win% > 70%


Gap Dogs


1      GAPBT          Best time from SP3 method

2      GAPTAVE     T average from  GFTAVE in SP7


4      GAPTA25      TA25% from    SP6xx

5      GAD8th          G8th%1or2   from  SP7


If a dog satisfies only “1” GAP it will be labeled appropriately


1        GBT

2        GTAVE

3        GCL

4        GTA25

5        G8th


IF a dog satisfies multiple GAPS it will be labeled—(as you call random gaps)


EXP  G124   means it satisfied    GBT,  GTAVE and  GTA25---etc etc.  ( I don’t have room on the stardog sheet and tipsheet for each gap so I code them





The TipSheet


The first 4 columns use data from the last 6 races on the program card.

  • FORM—Based on Last 3 races--# of times 1st or 2nd at 8th—and Primary & secondary lines—summed—0=Vweak—1 or 2=Weak—3 or 4=Strong n –5 or 6=VeryStrong
  • Break----Percentage of time dog was 1st or 2nd at the Break


  • R128----A 2 number Stat,--

First number--# of races used

Second number--# of times dog was 1st or 2nd at the 8th call –(compensated for Grade)

Exp. 63  means dog was 1st or 2nd at 8th  3 times (grade compensated) in the last 6 races-

  • 8th12%----Percentage of 1st or 2nd at 8th call—last 6 races
  • Speed---Speed code indicator

S = 8th12% > 60%

SC = 8th12    33%><60%

C = 8th12%    < 33%

  • If you have the Classic version the next 5 columns will indicate the number of Criteria satisfied for being a Classic dog.
  • 8 satisfied Criteria = Red Classic
  • 7 satisfied Criteria = Green Classic
  • 6 satisfied Criteria = Yellow Classic

·        The Next 8 columns use your personalized  filters that  you setup in the SP6 Method—so you determine the # of races used, etc.

·        Box to Wire—defined as 1st or 2nd at the break and Finishes 1st.

·        Last 3---Recent Form indication-# of times a dogs time was better than the average time of the field for the last 3 races.

·        TAA%--percentage of the # of times the dogs running time was less than the average of the Field.

·        TAA25%  percentage of the # of times the dogs running time was less than the top 25th percentite of the Field. (very good indication of SPEED)

·        Quin%  percentage of times dog finished in the Quinella—Top 2

·        Tri%    percentage of time dog finished in the Trifecta—Top3

·        Classcode- Class ranking from the Tru Class Table—High is BEST—Great indicator of the overall ability of the dog.

·        WIN%---Meet Win%

·        RAG—Races above Grade--# of past races in grades higher than Today’s grade—

·        LS—Enhanced Late Speed indicator using ( 8th – Fin) X10

·        Best Time---Best Time from the last 6 races

·        RADRunstyle Advantage indicator—(see template doc for info)

·        PAD---Post Position Advantage—(see template doc for info)

·        CSR  Composite Speed rating—based on last 3 races, and a baseline of Field Average.

·        Star dog---Stardog indicator

·        Key Dog—Key dog indicator

·        X dog indicator

·        Gap dog indicator

·        IGAFIN—Chart of Ingrade and above finish—uses Filters from Method SP7

·        Track PP WIN %

·        Vectorized 8th call chart—with Runstyle

·        Weight ROW—dogs most recent weight

·        Age Row—( for tracks that export age –quickdog does not recognize age for all tracks)

·        Result Boxes—load in a finished race and the Order of Fin for the top 3 dogs are Displayed---a great way to study races.

·        Highlighted Top 3 Class dogs.

Known Bugs


CLOSE ALL TIPSHEETS before running program


If you don’t close TIPSHEETS


I’ve run into one occasion when the program will freeze up.

If you have a Tip sheet open  (main window or minimized)  that matches the track and date of a New tip sheet you are trying to make—the program will freeze.( because the program is trying to save a file by the same name that is already open)


To get out.

X out the program.


Close out any open Tip Sheets.

Re-Open SpotPlay

The program should run smoothly