English 101-Student Created Final Exam


For each of the topics below, create one question and the answer to that question.

1) Good writing
2) Substantive writing
3) The writing process
4) The revising process
5) The thesis or thesis statement
6) Research and writing

Detailed guidelines:

1) Questions (and answers) must be more than just "define X."

2) Answers should require some careful thought and support. Better questions require the student to give examples to support the answer or to explain the answer. However, don't be long-winded. Answers should not be essays, but should be a maximum of a paragraph in length.

3) Your questions and answers can come from your notes, your thoughts, or your readings. I do not want you to merely "cut and paste" a question and answer from somewhere else; I want you to really think about what you have learned about writing.

4) The topics themselves are broad-this means you will have to narrow your focus down by critical thinking about these topics. (You do remember what that means, right?)

5) When you turn these in, please put your name and section on them, and type them. Double spacing is not required. Grammar, spelling, clarity and punctuation will matter here, so take care to get them right, and take the time to revise carefully!

Example: (this topic can no longer be used because of this example.)

1) What does "show, don't tell" mean? Give an example, and explain how it helps create good writing.

A) "Telling" means that the writer is just giving the reader what he or she wants the reader to think. "Showing" means using good, concrete ,careful detail, so that the reader comes to the desired conclusion on his or her own. An example of this is in a paragraph about children of divorce. If a writer merely "tells" the reader that children of divorce often are driven to succeed, there is no interaction between the reader and writer. But if the writer "shows" how this is so, by giving examples, or a narrative, or rich description, or even some number that demonstrate this, then the reader can match the thinking process and (hopefully) reach the same conclusion.


Each question is worth one point, and each answer is worth three points.

English 101
Final Exam Part 2: Good Writing Skills

SECTION____ NAME ____________________________

Sentence Editing and Proofreading (2 points apiece):

Read the following sentences. If the sentence has errors in its punctuation, or other writing problems, re-write the sentence correctly underneath. Do NOT change the meaning of the sentence! Do NOT re-write it if the sentence is correct, but you don't like the style. If you "fix" something that is not actually wrong, and make it wrong, you will lose a point!

Having been to Boston in the winter before, the pants I chose were long and wooly.
Because I had been to Boston in the winter before, I chose long and wooly pants.

1) At the party I ate pie, watched a movie, was dancing a waltz, and had a lot of fun.

2) Looking in my closet, my shoes were scattered all over the shelves.

3) I don't want to go to France I don't speak French, I speak good Japanese.

4) My friend Santa Claus, doesnt want to get married. He says I am an independent Claus!

5) There are two things I love. Rainbows and roses.

6) I was surprised when I saw Bill's car was stolen turned into a parking space.

7) "Blast," said Vince as he plummeted over the cliff. I laugh as I watch him bounce.

8) The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain but, Professor Dolittle disagrees.

9) I found that tennis is difficult, because you have to chase the ball.

10) He told his dog, Rex to "Go lay down" but he just laughed at him.

11) English the language of England is not my favorite subject.

12) Because I was drunk, the girl's looked both beautiful, attractive, and slender.

13) Is this a comma splice; its not clearly written.

14) I like going to Ralph's Bowl-O-Rama, you can have a lot of fun there!

15) I keep autographed pictures, of famous people who I have met in my trunk.

16) I sure hope this is the last sentence? I can't believe it; I'm finished now!