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Dogtown (1997)

Philip Van Horn has been to Hollywood and doesn't have much to show for it. But the
folks in his hometown of Cuba, Missouri aren't really aware of that since their  movie
theater has been closed for years. When he comes home to visit everyone is happy to
assume he is a big star. Not wanting to let everyone down he goes along, especially
after he is introduced to Dorothy, the girl from school that never wanted anything
to do with him when they were younger.

Dogtown Promo

To be honest, Dogtown is not the best movie. The first time I saw it, I tried my best to like it because it has two of my favorite actors in it, Rory and Jon Favreau. Their good acting performances couldn't save it. My main problem with this movie is that the lead actor is not very good at all. He is very stale and if this movie ever had a chance he would probably have ruined it for me.

Sadly, I have known people like the characters in this movie. There's not a nice way to put it,
they're stereotypical racist, white-trash. It has touching moments with Mary Stuart Masterson and Harold Russell but overall it was just people feeling sorry for themselves for their place in life. If you're going to watch a George Hickenlooper film, i'd definitely suggest The Low Life starring
Rory Cochrane over this one.

Mary Stuart Masterson as Dorothy Sternen
Trevor St. John as Philip Van Horn
Jon Favreau as Ezra
Rory Cochrane as Curtis Lasky
Harold Russell as Blessed William

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