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Hello - welcome to my new theme website - this site is still under construction.

Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your browser toolbar by changing the icons and, with some themes, the toolbar background and other aspects - personalize it to your tastes!

Why do I use Firefox? Firefox not only allows me to pick and choose the colors and icons I want to display, but it lets me choose the features that I believe are most important to me. I appreciate this format, as I would with any modifiable product such as cars or motorcycles. I enjoy having a great base product and adding my final touch to it - to personalize it.

I feel, when I personalize my browser, it becomes a part of me. I enjoy seeing different icons, colors, and features - framing the internet world as opposed to someone else's idea of what they think is appropriate.

I have created many themes (soon to be updated - many of them are Mac Safari style which renders the toolbar a more unified look and draws less attention away from the website page you are viewing) so that maybe, my idea of a great looking browser may match another's taste or mood. If you have an idea, please e-mail me. Maybe we can put together a browser that fits your personality. Themes are compatible with Windows 95/98, Windows XP, Linux, and OS X.

If you are happy with the themes, please consider donating!
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