Absolom Mangum

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Absolom Mangum of Granville Co., N. C. appears to be the son of James Mangum of Sussex Co., Virginia. In the 1780's Absolom left his home in Virginia and settled in the southern part of Granville Co., N. C. near the Wake County border. He had many children and many of the Wake County Mangums are direct descendants of his. We believe his trek to N. C. was influenced by his uncle, William Mangum Sr., who made the journey to N. C. in 1748. James, father of Absolom, was a son of the immigrant, John Mangum.

Absolom's wife was named Lucy and she was the administrator of his estate in 1802. Their children include James Emanuel, Mark, William, Samuel and John, all named in various Beaverdam District tax lists. There were probably other sons and daughters.