Arthur Mangum of Orange Co., N. C.

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Arthur Mangum was a child when his father William Mangum Sr. brought his family to North Carolina in 1748. Much has been written about him because of his famous grandson, Willie Person Mangum. Willie (pronounced Wylie) was a judge, congressman and senator during the middle part of the 19th century. He was president pro tempore of the Senate when Tyler became President of the U. S. in 1841 after the death of President Harrison. That made the president pro-tempore of the Senate (Samuel L. Southard of N. J.) second in line for the presidency and therefore acting vice President of the United States. Southard resigned 3 May 1842 and on 31 May Willie Person Mangum was chosen as his successor, making him acting vice president. The succession has been changed in later years.

Arthur had some dealing with the Revolutionary Government and owned extensive land. He was quite prosperous for that time. He left a will dated Nov. 1789 in Orange Co., N. C. in which he names his several children. Unfortunately we do not have a definite date of when he died.

Arthur's grandson, the Senator, died 7 Sept. 1861 of a stroke, soon after he learned of the death of his only son. William Preston Mangum died of his wounds on 19 July 1861 suffered during the Civil War's first battle of Manassas.