(The information in this sketch was taken from the book, "The Hargrove Study", 2nd edition by Dorothy Beebe & Johnny L. Hargrove.)


Richard Hargrave 4th was born about 1614 in Yorkshire, England. In 1634, at the age of 20 he came to the New World, settling in Norfolk, Virginia. In the New World he became Richard I. He associated himself with a Mr. Henry Sewell, Esq., a well-to-do merchant who bought Richard's 4 year indenture agreement. He stayed with Mr. Sewell for 10 years.

Richard married about 1638, about the time his indenture expired. His son, Richard II was born 1639/42. Richard obtained land in Lower Norfolk County. He made his will on the 21st of Nov. 1686, naming sons Richard II and Benjamin and daughter Margaret Roberts. He also mentioned Arthur Moseley who married his daughter Ann.


Richard II was born ca 1639 in Lower Norfolk Co., Virginia. He married about 1660 and had three sons. His first wife's name is unknown. Richard married a second time, in 1667, to Pembroke Pead Hardin, a widow and a Quaker. Marrying outside the faith was grounds for expulsion from the Church. Richard apparently became a Quaker because Pembroke was not expelled. Richard and Pembroke had sons Bray and Lemuel, a daughter Judith and possibly a daughter Elizabeth. Richard moved to Surry County about 1683 and lived there for the next 21 years until his death. Richard made his will in Surry County on 19 May 1704. It was probated 4 July 1704. He names his children by his second wife and his son-in-law.


Bray, born 1668/9 in Lower Norfolk Co., Va., was apparently the first to use the name Hargrove. He moved with his parents at age 13 to Surry County. He worked as a manager of a large plantation (Overseer), as did his father. Bray was listed in the Virginia militia in 1687, probably indicating Revolutionary War service. He married Mary Hodge (Honnicutt). She was the daughter of James Hodge and the step-daughter of Augustine Honnicutt Jr. They had several children, including Lemuel Hargrove born ca. 1698/1700. Bray died about 1728. Mary filed an inventory of her husbands estate on 17 April, 1728.


Lemuel Hargrove, son of Bray, was born probably about 1698/1700 in Surry Co., Va. It possibly could have been as early as 1690. He was later found in Princess Ann County, Virginia and he purchased land there. Lemuel married Lydia and she may have been a Howell. They had at least 8 children. Lemuel died 1758/9 in Princess Ann County.


Charles, son of Lemuel Hargrove, was born about 1728/30 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia that became Princess Ann County. He married Mary Youngblood and they had at least 8 children. Charles and his family migrated to Edgefield County, South Carolina and he and his son James saw Revolutionary Service there in the South Carolina militia.

Charles made his will on 6 Nov. 1797 and it was recorded in July, 1798 in Edgefield County, S. C. Executors were his wife Mary, his son Lemuel and Solomon Ward. Son James (Sr.) was not mentioned in the will, possibly because he had already received his inheritance.


James was born 1757/8, probably in Princess Ann Co., Va. He migrated to Edgefield County, S. C. with his parents. He married Mary (Mitchell?). On 23 June 1785 he received a pay indent for military duty and armorer work. He also received a land grant of 183 1/3 acres in Edgefield County for his Revolutionary military service. It is said that he enlisted as Private and rose to the rank of Colonel.

James and family were found in Franklin County, Georgia in 1798. Later he and part of his family moved to Alabama. Son James Hargrove Jr. (Rev.) and at least one daughter remained in Georgia.

The family settled in the area of the Limestone County & Madison County line, northwest of present day Huntsville. James died in 1817 leaving a wife and 15 children. His will was dated 10 April 1817, probated 14 July 1817 in Madison County, Mississippi Territory. His estate was settled in Limestone County in 1824. Fifteen children were named.


William, son of James Hargrove Sr., was born about 1779 in Edgefield County, S. C. He died intestate in 1827 in Limestone County, Alabama. His son, Abner Hargrove, filed for letters of administration, placing a security bond of $15,000. On 18 December 1827, Hawkins L., Benjamin F. and Wade H. Hargroves, infant children of William Hargrove, over the age of 14, chose Abner Hargrove as their guardian. Final settlement was made Feb. 1850. Abner Hargrove had already died. William Hargrove and wife Mary had 9 children.


Benjamin, son of William, was born ca 1813. He married twice. His first wife is unknown. He married 2nd to Mary Ann Rees. She was born in Alabama 1836, died 12 March 1880. Benjamin had 10 children, one by his first wife.


  • 1. Jane Hargrove b. 1836 by first wife.
  • 2. Sarah E. Hargrove b. ca. 1846.
  • 3. Mary Fenton Hargrove b. 1848, m. James F. Gordon.
  • 4. Elmira Almeda Hargrove, b. 18 Nov. 1830, m. Samuel Adam Burney Rose on 12 Sept. 1867 in Lentzville, Limestone Co., Alabama.
  • 5. Cornelia C. Hargrove b. ca. 1853.
  • 6. Edna Sudora Hargrove b. 1854, m. John Bullington.
  • 7. Artelia D. Hargrove b. 1856, m. James Harris Simmons.
  • 8. Benjamin D. Hargrove b. 1857, m. Amanda Grisham.
  • 9. Martha Adeline Hargrove b. 1860, m. Bascomb York.
  • 10. Tyre Hargrove b. 1863, m. John F. Cannon.

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