Jacob Mangum of N. C. & S. C.

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The origin of Jacob Mangum is presently unclear. We originally believed he was born in N. C. about 1757 to James Mangum of the Va. to N. C. migration. James died in Granville Co. in 1757.

Another tradition is that Jacob was born in Ireland and migrated to North Carolina. He resided in Richmond County, N. C. when the 1786 State Census of N. C. was taken. By 1800 he was in Chesterfield Co., S. C.

DNA analysis of a descendent of Jacob Mangum shows that Jacob was of the same family as the descendents of the immigrant John Mangum. Wherever the Mangum family originated, it appears that Jacob and John Mangum the immigrant had the same origin.

Tradition says that Jacob served with Frances Marion the Swamp Fox during the American Revolution. He married first Esther Gibson and had four children including the Rev. James Mangum who lived in Fulton Co., Ga.

Jacob Mangum married second Anna Nancy Gibson and had nine sons. Sons Arthur and Joseph were the ancestors of the Mangum clan of Simpson County and other counties of Mississippi.

See Mr. Palmer's publication for additional information on Jacob Mangum. .