Nicholas Mangum of Surry Co., Va.

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Nicholas Mangum may have been a later life immigrant to the New World in the mid-1700s. Our only record of him is his estate record in Surry Co., Va. in 1757. Our only record of his wife Martha is her will in 1761. Martha had an earlier marriage because her will mentions her other children.

Nicholas and Martha (or an earlier wife) had a son Joseph Mangum. A letter by a Micajah Mangum to the Senator Willie Person Mangum in 1844 concerns this line. Using public records and the letter the lineage is as follows:

Nicholas Mangum -> Joseph Mangum -> Micajah Mangum -> Joseph Mangum -> Micajah Mangum

The latter Micajah Mangum is the letter writer to the Senator. At the time of writing the letter he was a childless coachmaker in Richmond, Virginia and was elated to find some of the "old" family. The elder Micajah, grandfather of the letter writer, was a Revolutionary War Patriot (according to the letter) and came to this country before the war. This is further confirmation that Nicholas and the elder Joseph were immigrants. No descendants of this line have yet been located.