William Mangum Jr. The Loyalist

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William Mangum Jr. was born 16 May 1736 in the Albemarle Parish, Va. He moved with his father's family to North Carolina in 1748. He served in the Granville Co., N. C. Militia in 1754. Unlike some of his other kinfolks he did not embrace the Patriot cause in the Revolutionary War. He moved to Georgia between 1762 and 1772. He was recruited by British loyalists from the Georgia back country in 1779. He saw considerable action. His son Samuel Mangum was killed by 'rebels' on the way to see his mother in 1780.

Georgia confiscated all of William's property because of his service for the British. He was at Savannah, Georgia when British subjects were evacuated to St. Augustine, Fla. in 1782. He later went to Nova Scotia and lived out his life on bleak Morris Island. The Government there refused to give him title to the land he occupied, even considering all the sacrifice he made for Great Britain.

William's wife was named Elizabeth (Ladco?) but she must have died about 1784. He married again, possibly in Nova Scotia and had several children with the surname Mangham. William Jr. died before 19 Feb. 1819.

We wonder if William Mangum Jr. ever saw action against any of his Mangum relatives. We know his cousin, John Mangum, was a Revolutionary War Patriot.

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