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Photographs, playbills and souvenirs

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Professional photographs   NEW PHOTOS
Elizabeth Jane Phillips [Nickinson]

Gilbert & Bacon, No. 40 N. Eighth St. Philadelphia

EJ Phillips  Philadelphia
Sarony photograph 1886
EJ Phillips probably in Jim the Penman
EJ Phillips sketch from San Francisco Our Society review 1888
EJP San Francisco
EJP Playbills

EJ Phillips' Family
John Nickinson  c. 1850's portrait 

John Nickinson photograph

NEW EJ Phillips, John Nickinson c. 1860 

John and Charlotte Nickinson as Havresack and Melanie in Dion Boucicault's Napoleon's Old Guard 1850's   
186  Charles D. Fredericks photo of John Nickinson,
Carte d'Visite Collection 1860-1885, Univ. of Washington Libraries, Special Collections http://www.lib.washington.edu/speciaLcoll/findaids/docs/photosgraphics/19thCenturyActorsPHColl75.xml  Photo 423  The  same picture is in the Harvard Theatre Collection's scrapbook edition of Ireland's Record of the New York Stage [I think].

John Dolman Sr. c. 1850's  
Hattie and Albert, Cincinnati  1865
Albert at about 10, Indianapolis 

Albert Edward Nickinson
1878, 15 years old
Albert Nickinson & Mary Penelope Macardell Nickinson "Neppie"    Married Nov 1889
Edward Phillips Nickinson "Ted" about 1 year old c.1892, Middletown
Albert Nickinson in his Middletown Fire Department uniform c. 1890's  
Albert's Excelsior Hook & Ladder Co. card  
Albert in Middletown theatre troup
   Jack Dolman and Ted Nickinson c. 1893
Hattie Nickinson Dolman    Hattie and Jack   EJ Phillips & Jack Dolman  c. 1894
Gilbert & Sullivan's Mikado
Ted Nickinson & Arthur Fanshon, Middletown NY, 1896 Ted about 6

Cornelius Macardell, Neppie's father, c. 1900, Middletown NY
Albert with Kathy Dolman  Pensacola, Florida 1940's
Em Turner Nickinson Kuhl reading the 1996 Letters edition Ft. Lauderdale
Dolman plot, West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia 1999

Great, great-great and great-great-great grandchildren of EJ Phillips Nickinson Pensacola, July 1999
Marjorie and Mary Glen in Union Square, New York  Nov. 2002

Fabric  "from a dress made by Olimpe" Canal Street, New Orleans

EJ Phillips' heart shaped box

Money order for care of Hattie and Albert 1874
Souvenir card  Lady D. Mrs. Phillips "Washington trip April 18, 1887
Souvenir of the 50th performance of the Gay Parisians New York  1895
Telegram  1888
Trunk label
Albert and Neppie's bedroom china from Macy's 
Albert's moustache cup
Albert & Neppie's gold rimmed china cups
Zavistowski's wedding present to Albert and Neppie 1889
EJ Phillips' quilt 1870-1930 Dec. 1998

Palmer Companies colleagues
Sarah Bernhardt, Between the Acts cigarette card
Agnes Booth, Between the Acts cigarette card

Dion Boucicault playwright
May Brookyn  Our Society 1888
Marie Burroughs
William Davidge  1888  
CP Flockton
Maud Harrison  Our Society 1888
EM Holland

Gertie Homans
William LeMoyne self-portrait  “Sam Hoggard”  The “Saint” to E.J.P. “The Sinner”   

Louis Massen
Dr. John T. Nagle 1864 and 1900
Olga Nethersole
AM Palmer of the Union Square and Madison Square Stock Companies
Annie Pixley postcard
Walden Ramsey
Frederick Robinson 
Annie Russell  Our Society 1888  Sealed Instructions
Alexander Salvini
Oscar Wilde, Between the Acts cigarette card

Alice  Zavistowski

Can you help identify these people?

Playbills and programs
Theatre advertising

Charlotte Cushman playbill, Hamlet, May 1858 Philadelphia
John Nickinson playbills   Roll of the Drum, Royal Lyceum, Toronto, Jan. 12, 1855
Uncle Tom's Cabin, Royal Lyceum, Toronto, Feb. 1857
Dion Boucicault's Octoroon, Metropolitan Theatre, 1861
Fanchon with Maggie Mitchell newspaper ad, Pike's Opera House, Cincinnati, 1864

EJ Phillips playbills and programs
Othello playbill 1865, Junius Brutus Booth, Jr., Pike's Opera House, Cincinnati, April 1865
Our Boys, Chestnut St. Theatre, Philadelphia Sept 6, 1897, 100th performance
Stormbeaten, Union Square Theatre, Jan. 1884, 75th performance
Saints and Sinners program  Dec. 1885, Madison Square Theatre, New York
Closing act of Jim the Penman
Portland, Oregon Madison Square Theatre playbill June 1890 
Actor's Fund Fair patrons  May 1892
Joseph at Stone's Opera House, Binghamton New York, Nov. 1892
Camille, Hammerstein's Harlem Opera House, Jan. 1895
Gay Parisians, Hoyt's Theatre, Nov 1895

Alcohol    Corsets    Sewing machines

Hotel Aragon 1897
South End [baseball] Grounds    US Hotel, 1886, 1891  Hotel Bowdoin 1895

Chicago, Tremont House 1886 Palmer House 1888  Leland Hotel 1890  Sherman House 1889  1893  Tremont House  1895
St. James 1886  The Windsor  1890
Kansas City,
Coates House 1890 New Coates  1896
Los Angeles,
Hotel Nadeau 1888
Middletown, NY Albert Nickinson in his Middletown Fire Department uniform  1890's  
Albert's Excelsior Hook & Ladder Co.  

Montreal, The Windsor 1894  Queen's Hotel 1895 
New York, Sturtevant House   New York Theatres  Madison Square Theatre  
New York
  Stanford White's Madison Square Theatre 1890   
Marjorie and Mary Glen in Union Square, New York
  Nov. 2002

Philadelphia New Year's celebration 1901   Dolman plot West Laurel Hill Cemetery 1999
Portland, Oregon
The Portland 1890
Salt Lake City,
Walker House 1886 Cullen  1888
San Francisco,
The Baldwin Hotel 1886   1890  1896  

Cliff House 1896   
Seattle, Washington,
The Rainier 1890   The Genesee 1896
Stockton, California,
Yosemite House
Tacoma Washington, The Tacoma 1890
The Rossin House 1894

Washington DC,
Willard's Hotel 1893 Randall   1894 
Grover Cleveland's Inauguration  Mar. 4, 1885 Inauguration Ball dance program and menu   Ball Regulations and floor plan, New Pension Building

EJ Phillips' Manhattan with a number of photographs

Still need photgraphs
A silver mug "presented by the patrons of the Utica Museum to John Nickinson, Manger, March 8, 1858.  Is this in Pensacola?  Can we get a photograph?
Lizzy has EJ Phillips' traveling mirror.  I'd love a photograph of that. 
Em is to get me a picture of EJP's trunk, and the flowered bodice that was in it recently, too small for anyone but a young girl.  
Do we know where the Nickinson sword, shoe buckles and/or Masonic items are? 

Dating photographs http://www.genealogy.com/73_taylor.html

Photo Detective Maureen A Taylor http://blog.familytreemagazine.com/photodetectiveblog/

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