Dziedzic's Video Effects Packs 1 & 2

RTFx Video Effects Plugin
for Pinnacle Studio 9 & Studio 9 Plus

Video plug-ins for Pinnacle's Studio 9 video editing software. Works with both Plus and Standard versions of Studio 9.

Plug-Ins: DziedzicPacks 1
     You got videos of the bride going down the aisle but she changes her mind?  No problem, just use the REVERSE effect and show her walking BACKWARDS.  Even more, you want to add fun mirror, flip, kaleidoscope, or negative color effects?  You have them all with Dziedzic Pack 1. 

Plug-Ins: DziedzicPacks 2
     Need to mix Wide Screen (16:9) with Standard (4:3) Videos?  Want the elapsed date/time shown in your videos?  Add fun Ghost effects?  Missed that important shot and need to save face?  Dziedzic Pack 2 will do it all for you. 
mple, Dziedzic Pack 2 enables your video to show the cam recorder’s viewfinder running out of tape or the battery going dead just before you missed that shot!

More Information:

Wide Screen 16:9 and Standard Screen 4:3 Conversions
   Mix Wide Screen and Standard Screen videos in the same project.  This plug-in will allow you to add 16:9 clips to 4:3 projects and 4:3 clips in 16:9 projects. You can letter box or zoom up to the full screen without aspect distortion. The letter box gets smaller as you zoom.  Select any color for the letter box borders.
   You can easily change the position of the image when partly or fully zoomed. For example, zooming causes some of the top and bottom or left and right lines to be lost. This plug-in allows you to control where the lines will be kept. You may want to keep more of the top or one side when zooming.   Click the question mark "?" on this plug-in's options screen to get DETAIL INSTRUCTIONS.

Play your video backwards!

Video Camera
Simulates your video camera's viewfinder. Includes record light, low battery indicator/warning, frame/time counter, and shooting date/time. The battery and tape indicators will dynamically simulates a battery becoming dead or running out of tape. Also useful for displaying the date/time on your video.

Generate ghosts images on your video.

Flip Vertical & Flip Horizontal
The ultra fast "mirror" type effects with 5 options each. You can combine the flips for a kaleidoscope type effect.

Negative video effect. Reverse the colors in your video.

These plug-ins are on the latest Studio 9 DVD.  You can NOW  download them from Pinnacle. Just click "More Effects" on Studio 9.3's or 9.4's Video Effect Add screen to get the Dziedzic Effects. Select the menu "Toolbox" then select "Add Video Effects" to display the Video Effect Add screen.  You can get the latest 9.x update from Pinnacle by clicking "Help/Software Update" within Studio 9.

You can try them for free.  Remove the lock watermarks by getting an activation key from Pinnacle.   $19.95 for Dziedzic Pack One containing 4 plugins and $19.95 for Dziedzic Pack Two containing 4 plugins

Many people have reported they are unable to download the Dziedzic Effects when using "More Effects" from S9. There appears to be an install/uninstall problem with Pinnacle's Content DVD. S9 sometimes thinks the Dziedzic Effects are installed when they are not so they do not show up under "More Effects". Click Here for Pinnacle's plug-in download web site. This site will let you download and try for free short install programs for different effects.

If the above link displays the message: " All available content have been installed in your Pinnacle application. ...", Just click Plug-Ins on the right side of the page to display the list of plugins packs.   Select DziedzicPacks 1 and DziedzicPacks 2 to download the Dziedzic Effects. 

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