Accutronics Reverb Codes

The standard Blues Junior tank is 8EB2C1B. The Ruby replacement is 3EB2C1B and has the same specs, but is longer delay and less metallic-sounding, more lush.


Specification Code Description
Reverb Type 1 Short (9") 2 spring unit
4 Long (16") 2 spring unit
8 Short (9") 3 spring unit
9 Long (16") 3 spring unit
Input Impedance A 8 Ohms
B 150 Ohms
C 200 Ohms
D 250 Ohms
E 600 Ohms
F 1,475 Ohms
Output Impedance A 500 Ohms
B 2,250 Ohms
C 10,000 Ohms
Decay Time 1 Short (1.2 to 2.0 sec.)
2 Medium (1.75 to 3.0 sec.)
3 Long (2.75 to 4.0 sec.)
Connectors A Input and Output Grounded
B Input Grounded, Output Insulated
C Input Insulated, Output Grounded
D Input and Output Insulated
E No Outer Channel
Locking Devices 1 No Lock
Mounting Plane A Horizontal, Open Side Up
B Horizontal, Open Side Down
C Vertical, Connectors Up
D Vertical, Connectors Down
E On End, Input Up
F On End, Output Up



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