I've modded over 300 Blues Juniors and provided parts kits for maybe twice that many. And basically, owners love the changes. Here's a sample of the responses I've gotten. Nobody has ever said, "Nah, change it back," or been, to my knowledge, anything but delighted.*

Here's a sample of the follow-up emails I've gotten:

Got the amp and I love it.  The presence knob is an amazing improvement.  I crank it almost all the way in one direction to take the excess treble out of my strat and almost all the other direction to brighten up my Les Paul.  So far the most impressive tone surprisingly has come from my Les Paul neck pick up on full overdrive with the GE5751 in the V1.  I have a Pearly Gates Duncan in that spot.  And this is without any stomp boxes.  The Strat neck pup (Fralin VH) sounds wonderfully jazzy when the amp is played clean and that is without even using the 12AY7 tube in V1.  I'll try that one out today.



I got my amp back today and you must have made a mistake because this is not the same amp that I sent you! Seriously, I haven't got past playing my Tele because it sounds so good. I'll have to get to the Strats and the Les Paul later I guess. I love the brightness control, and the boost is really nice. The overall sound of the amp is much improved. It sounds like it's 'breathing' a lot better, if that makes any sense. I'm completely satisfied. Money well spent.

I can actually *use* my tone knobs now to tailor the sound. Before I had to have both the mids and bass very low, if up any at all; the treble had to be up to give the tone some life - but I was never happy with the tone.  If you turned the mids or bass up, everything went to mud.  NOW, I can turn the mids and bass up and it effects the tone without adding 'mud'...great job, Bill. With the boost on, I've been able to turn off my clean boost pedal...haven't needed it. I'm not exactly sure what you did to the innards of this beast but the tone is drastically improved. I can only guess that Fender is trying to make more money and skimping on some components...bad Fender. They should up their price a little and add your mods at the factory...the amp would go from a decent one to a great one. I can't figure them out.  Anyway, beautiful work.  Some of the best money I've spent in a while.  Thanks again for all your research and hard work, and for sharing it with the rest of us electronically challenged saps out here! Kudos.

Hi Bill,
Now they're all done (except the adjustable bias), and I love very much
what they do!
The all over improvement is immense, the sound is now that I like very
much to hear the Junior sing and moan, from clear to very nicely
distorted: very bluesy! The last mod (bright switch / presence control)
is the topping on that wonderful present you are spreading to the Junior


My amp sounds GREAT!!   Playing jazz tonight and it sounds GREAT with
my hollow body Joe Pass.

Quiet, warm, did I sayÖ GREAT!! 

Thanks again

San Francisco


[This next one has a higher-quality output transformer as well as the standard mods.]

The amp arrived today and sounds absolutely wonderful.  It has the clarity and solid sound that I have been craving.  I cranked it up tonight (A big advantage of living out in the country.J ) and I just loved how it held together.  With my Strat full-on it was staying clean at 8 x 8 and I have the feeling that it would have been up for even more.  With the S-1 switch in I could get a little break-up at the same volume.  No matter what I did the amp kept its composure and performed flawlessly.  This is definitely ďCognac soundĒ at Colt 45 prices. 
Iím truly delighted with the amp.  I had to attend a budget meeting last night and finding the box on my porch when I got home gave me a pleasant way to depressurize.  Later on I turned off the reverb and just played it clean.  It gave me the sound of a clean Marshall 18w, the very sound Iíve been craving.  Every bit of the sonic indecisiveness that the BJr betrays when A/Bíd with a Marshall 1974x is erased with these mods.  The clean headroom is greatly increased over what it was with the stock tubes and pre-mod.  I have gotten into the habit of synchronizing the volume and master-volume settings which seems to work well.  When I got it way-the-heck up there the break-up arrived but it was very subtle and not at all nasty.  I havenít tried it with the volumes at 12x12 yet but I imagine that it will be glorious.  This amp definitely has lost its boxy nature.


Received the amp. It sounds amazing! The tone is super clean (the 12AY7 tube!)
It sounds like a mini 65TRRI without the weight....great bottom end and crystal clear top end.
Thank you thank you thank you!


Hi Bill,
I finally got to put the amp to the test with the big band. I'm really glad that I was fortunate to meet you.
The amp really sings, the modification you did really worked out perfect, and it sure is nice to travel light.
If anyone ever wonders if a  "Blues Junior" can cut it, all they'll need is for you to do your thing!
Take care and best wishes
Thank you Very Much
Bob Warren

The chassis arrived today--thanks.  The amp sounds great:  much more
versatile tones, and very much like I expected it to sound (based on the
sound samples on your website).  What I didn't expect is how quiet the amp
is now.  Well done.

Culver City, CA

I finally got around to doing your tone stack mod and, Holy Mary Mother Of God! What a difference. The sustain and tone Iím getting is unbelievable. I was going to go out and buy a different speaker. Now, it would just be more icing on the cake and Iím in no hurry to do that. I wonít take up any more of your time; I just had to write you and tell you the results. Thank you so much.

Bethlehem, PA

Hey Bill,

I received the amp yesterday and I was able to play on it
today.  It sounds great!  Thanks again for the quality work
and just being able to communicate with me quickly.  It's
greatly appreciated!


P.S.  I really enjoy the "chicago-style" blues setting on
the amp with the presence control turned up!  SWEET!

Hi Bill,
The Blues Jr rocked into the new year with absolutely no issues, and tons of tone.
This was originally to be used by my singer for her rhythm playing, but that ain't gonna happen anymore.
Let's see how much dust my Boogie can collect.
Thanks for everything.
Consider me another extremely satisfied customer.

I intended to email you with feedback sooner than this, but have been
distracted with my daughter's wedding and the usual work-related
things. This past week was my first opportunity to really air the amp
out. Needless to say, I am very happy with the results. Your
modifications have really expanded the versatility of the amp. I had
borrowed a friend's newer BJ'r to A/B against my amp before the mods.
The tonal range is much expanded, similar to the new BJ'r but better,
and the improvements to the reverb are worth the price alone. Thanks
for your efforts.


Holy S**t! Thanks for the $2,000 amp. That puppy sounds unbelievable!!! I lacquered it last night with Zinnser ďAmberĒ Shellac and put it all back together. I am totally amazed at the sound and it looks exactly like a NOS 50ís amp or a brand new Victoria but with a Fender nameplate. I have not yet tried the NOS tube. My BlueDog speaker is really coming in handy.


Hey Bill,

Just a note to let you know I got the amp last Friday.  My fingers are killing me.  I can't believe this is the same one I sent you.  It has become far superior to the original and so very versatile.  Thanks for a great job.  If words could express how good this amp sounds I would use them.  Blew away my expectations.  How could it sound THAT much better?


Ontario, Canada

Hi Bill,
Since you include the warnings about burning and lethal voltages in your documentation I thought I'd let you know I received the parts and finished the mod without injury !!! 
As a former broadcast video engineer, I really appreciated your excellent instructions on removing the circuit board.  Oddly enough, the hardest part for me was getting those damn transformer connectors off the circuit board!  I thought your instructions and pictures for the mod were really well done and invaluable in doing the mods (tone stack and reverb). 
I only got to play a couple minutes, just to make sure everything worked.  The thing I noticed most was the vastly improved reverb - very deep and much richer now.  As to overall tone, I noticed a lot more deep, rich bass, but as I said, didn't have time to really fiddle with the dials and experiment.  I'd certainly say the 'boxiness' is gone!

Thanks for all your hard work and willingness to share your knowledge.  I thought your documentation was excellent!


Hey Bill,

I just wanted to let you know how much I like my Blues Jr. It is reborn! It has great tone, sweet and clean with lots of headroom. I truly can't discern any hum at all. And the increased presence and articulation is astounding. It certainly rivals and possibly betters many boutique type amps I've heard. I am very happy with it. You did a great job, given excellent advice and your craftsmanship is superior. I love the details like milling the presence control knob! Easily the best money I have ever spent on guitar gear!

Oh yeah, I accomplished the re-biasing with no problems, your mods have made life so much easier, and it is nice to know I'm not cooking my tubes!
Thank you so very much!
Joe C.



*Truth in Advertising Department: Actually, one of my customers disliked the mods and asked me to undo them on his green board Blues Junior. He even made me reinstall the worn-out, original tubes. Go figure.

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