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Municipalities of Abra Province


Abra was formerly called El Abra de Vigan or the 'opening of Vigan' and was an early encomienda of the Spaniards. As early as 1599, the Augustinian friars penetrated the valley of the Abra River and established a mission in Bangued. However, despite its proximity to the administrative center of the province of Ilocos, very little progress was made in converting the Tinguians or Itnegs to Catholicism.

During the Silang Revolt of 1762-1763, Abra played a significant role as the last stand of the Ilocano heroine Gabriela Silang who hailed from region. After Gabriela’s husband, Diego Silang, was assassinated, she and her followers retreated into Abra and carried on with her husband’s struggle. She was overpowered by a strong Spanish force and was hanged in Vigan together with her trusted lieutenants.

Beginning in the 19th century, missionary activity was resumed in earnest and a number of towns established to preach to the newly settled and Christianized Tinguians. In 1846, Abra was separated from the province of Ilocos Sur and established as a politico-military province. In 1905, the province of Abra was annexed as a sub-province of Ilocos Sur. However, in March 1917, Abra regained its status as a separate province through the passage of Act No. 2683.

In the 1980s, Abra became the hotbed of communist rebels who fed on the discontent over the loss of ancestral lands due to the establishment of a large logging concession. The rebellion peaked in 1985, after which, it dissipated when the Cordillera People’s Liberation Army broke away from the communist movement and championed the effort to establish an autonomous Cordilleran government.

Information Source: Provincial Government of Abra

Ethnic/Tribal Groups Settlements
Adasen Tineg, Lagayan and part of Lagangilang
Aplai Barangay Dao-angan & Danac in Boliney
Banao Malibcong, Daguioman and part of Bucloc
Binongan Lacub and Baay-Licuan
Gubang Bangilo
Illaud Lagangilang, San Juan, Danglas, Langiden, San Quintin, Penarrubia and part of Manabo and Villaviciosa
Kalinga/Balatok Danac and Amti Boliney
Mabaka Barangays Buneg, Sap-al and Talampac Lacub, Barangays Mataragan, Pacgued and Dulao in Malibcong
Maeng Tubo, Luba and part of Villaviciosa and Manabo
Masadiit Boliney, Sallapadan, Bucloc and part of Manabo